Managers had a meeting with Ralf Schlauderer, a dean from University of applied sciences of Weihenstephan University of Applied Sciences

November 2, 2018

     Faculty of Agrarian Management hosted a meeting between Anatolii Ostapchuk, dean of Faculty of Agrarian Management of NUBiP of Ukraine and Ralf Schlauderer, a dean of Weihestephan University of Applied Sciences (Germany).

     Nataliia Kovalenko, a coordinator of German program "Administrative Management", and Olesia Moros, a German MBA graduate also took part in the meeting. Current issues about double diploma programs were discussed.


     Ralf Schlauderer said that students of Faculty of Agrarian Management will take part in a new project "Ukrainian Farm Management Data Network", which will be financed by Federal Ministry of Agriculture of Germany. Master students of specialty of "Administrative Management" will do research at agricultural enterprises.

Olena Kovtun,
a head of international programs
of Faculty of Agrarian Management 

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