Roland Labom’s experience in anti-epizootic register and options for Ukraine

November 1, 2018

     The department of epizootiology and veterinary medicine management, dean’s office of Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Germany-Ukraine agro political dialogue APD invited a head of anti-epizootic register of federal land of Land Rheinland Pfalz Ronald Labom, who gave an open lecture «The experience of the work of anti-epizootic register of Germany – options for Ukraine».

     Faculty members, postgraduate, master, and bachelor students of Faculty of Veterinary Medicine attended the lecture.
     Doctor Roland Labom told about the structure and tasks of his department, preventive measures which Germany takes to avoid the expansion of infectious diseases across the country; measures of bio safety at enterprises; programs of early detection and monitoring of infectious diseases; activities and trainings conducted by his department in case of emergency.

     This issue was interesting both for teachers and students. They asked Dr Labom a lot of questions caused by a tense epizootic situation in Ukraine. Systems similar to this are also efficient in Netherland and Belgium. It is possible to adapt such a system in Ukraine in order to enable animal owners to have more warranties and guarantee their economic safety.

Maksym Zhukovskyi 

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