Halyna Boiko: the path from «Mes Decouvertes», a scientific club, to obtaining Master’s degree at ISA Lille

October 23, 2018

     Bonjour! My name is Boiko Halyna. I am a student of Faculty of Food Sciences of NUBiP of Ukraine. Currently I am an exchange student at ISA Lille, France.

     It is symbolically that my story starts a series of stories about the French language in NUBiP. It has been my childhood dream. Learning French in a rural school, I imagined my stroll around Eiffel tower, coffee with croissants in cozy cafes of Paris, and evening sightseeing in French old towns …

     Four years ago I decided to enter Faculty of Food Sciences of NUBiP of Ukraine, because I understood that the future of Ukraine is the development of an agricultural sector. Today, I can say for sure that that was the best solution in my life. It was our university which provided me with true opportunities which seemed to be miracles for me. The French language and exchange programs «Exchanges Ukraine-France» and «Friendship without borders» enabled me to have internship in France twice, specialty «Food Technologies». Moreover, two annual practical trainings in Germany.
     Frankly speaking, it was the peak of my dreams. However, it turned out that NUBiP opens better opportunities for students. Being the leader of a French student scientific club, Nataliia Anatoliivna Rudnitska, a French teacher and us constantly monitored the information about mobility programs in France. When learning about the competition for a Erasmus program in ISA Lille, I decided to try. It is always necessary to use all possibilities. Was I sure that I would be selected for this program? No, I wasn’t. But I hoped.

     A month has passed since I came to France. Academic programs in both universities are similar. The knowledge I got in Ukraine grounded my studies in a French higher school. It is not that easy to adapt to a foreign teaching technique, but teachers and groupmates help and support me.
     We often talk about Ukraine when we discuss global economy. Our country has many promising branches of economy. We are capable of being competitive. That is why the task for the youth is to do our best. Our country is each of us. The main thing is to have a hope, master modern technologies, develop and be optimistic!

Boiko Halyna,
a Master student of Faculty of Food Technologies
Nataliia Rudnytska,
an assistant professor of the department
of foreign linguistics and translation  

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