December 8, 2011

   On December 5-7, 2011 the International scientific and innovative forum “THE FARM OF XXI CENTURY” was held at National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine.
   During the forum Directors of Educational and Research Institutes of the University presented a  scientific innovation and investment projects for agriculture and forestry, technical services, energy, engineering, food industry, computer control systems, environmental protection and social fields based on which will be preparing joint agreement to further their practical implementation and attracting domestic and foreign investment. 23 projects were considered for future cooperation. All of them were accepted for implementation during the 2012-2017.
   Among the participants of the meeting were representatives from several ministries of Ukraine: Ministry of Agricultural Policy and Food, Ministry of Emergency Situations, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and also Kyiv Regional State Administration and other public and private institutions and organizations. Representatives of leading foreign companies and universities in the field of agriculture, forestry, GIS - technologies, alternative energy, processing of grain, meat products and fish, wood processing, waste utilization, housing construction etc., that are interested in cooperation with NUBiP of Ukraine ("John Deere", "Pioneer", "Amaco" (USA), "CARMAC Group SRL" (Italy), and others from Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Russia, France, Belarus, Finland, Netherlands, etc.) took an active part in the forum.  
   As a result of the Forum was signing of the protocols of intent, which confirmed the parties' desire to cooperate in certain areas of studying, innovation and investment activity on the basis of educational and research enterprises of NUBiP of Ukraine.
Over the next two months based on these protocols of intent will be formed agreements about implementation of these conventions. The basis for international cooperation is the practical development of international standards for equipment and technology, quality of biorecourses (including food), environmental security, biosocial economics etc.

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