International Scientific and Innovative Forum “THE FARM OF ХХІ CENTURY” aimed at increasing the share of Ukraine in the world food resources enlargement

December 5, 2011
December 5-7, 2011
National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine
Kyiv, Ukraine
AGENDA International Scientific and Innovative Forum “THE FARM OF ХХІ CENTURY” aimed at increasing the share of Ukraine in the global food resources enlargement
Actuality and Objectives.
Ukraine is traditionally known as one of the world major food suppliers. During recent years annual cereal yields were about 45 million tons, and about the half was exported. Moreover, Ukraine leads in sunflower oil exporting (about 2,5 million tons per year).
Nevertheless, these production volumes of cereals and oil-yielding crops are only slight share of Ukraine’s nature potential. Therefore, there is an urgent need in its complete using, taking into consideration the increasing number of starving people all over the world.
The Forum Goalisto increasethe contribution of Ukraine inglobal food resources formation.
Main Approaches:
-                     creation on the basis of Educational and Research Farms of NUBiP of Ukraine (9 Farms in different regions of Ukraine, total area 35 thou. ha) permanent International Demonstration Center for Global Scientific, Scientific and Innovative and Business Achievements in Agricultural, Processing and Environmental Areas (hereafter – the Center); the Center is supposed to be used with the view of solving analogous problems internationally;
-                     implementation of joint scientific research, testing of new plant varieties, animal breeds, techniques and technologies, agrochemicals, including medicines and plant protection products etc., their efficiency and safety;
-                     development of modern educational, research and social basis for student practical training, professional development and retraining of specialist in the area of agricultural and life sciences;
-                     setting up business units: business incubators, scientific and technological parks, concerns, complexes for the purpose of their further replication in production area, establishment of Trade Centers and Service Centers for new Techniques and Technology, new plant varieties and animal breeds distribution, as well as wide implementation of new environmental management tools and remediation of contaminated soils, air and water.
-                     mobilization of business capital, as well as financial funds of the World Bank, FAO, UNO, EU to achieve common goals.
 The main factors that impede the growth of food production in Ukraine:
-                     outdated material and technical base of agriculture, food and processing sectors;
-                     extremely weak system of technical service of domestic and especially imported machinery and equipment;
-                     shortage of certified warehouses for agricultural raw materials, finished food products and agrichemicals;
-                     deficiency of certified vehicles according to international standards for the transporting of biological resources and materials;
-                     high power inputs of agricultural and processing technologies,
-                     domestic varieties of seeds are often uncompetitive in comparison with the best foreign samples;
-                     deficiency of ruminants;
-                     violation of the environmental safety during the process of nature management, and as a result of anthropogenic disasters;
-                     discrepancy of great part of agricultural and food products, as well as potable water and air with international standards on quality and safety;
-                     insufficient use of GIS technology in agricultural and environmental areas, as well as methods of strategic planning of related industries and financial flows; weak information and advisory system for producers needs;
-                     lack of professional staff ready to work with a new sophisticated machinery and technology;
-                     insufficient level of logistical support and well-trained staff of agricultural universities for practical training of students to get them prepared for production area requirements etc.
Historical background
To speed up the fulfillment of these tasks the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine under the auspice of the Government of Ukraine and together with Company Bauer Tech in 2010 have presented to the European Union the Project of the development the Modern Model Farm named “Eurofarm-XXI”. We hope that this Project will be supported by the EU, FAO UNO or the World Bank.
 The significant efforts in this direction were also made by Ukrainian delegation (Minister of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine Mykola V. Prysyazhnuk, Head of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Agrarian Policy and Land Relations Grygoriy M. Kaletnyk, Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine Maksym D. Melnychuk and Rector of the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine Dmytro O. Melnychuk) during its visit to the USA on September 19-25, 2010. This trip was organized from the US side by National Center for Food and Agricultural Policy of USA and Chairman of its Board – Prof. Stanley Johnson. The members of delegation had meetings and negotiations with Congress and US Department of Agriculture representatives, agribusinessmen, professors of Iowa State University and the University of Maryland and companies “John DEERE”, “Pioneer”, “Swine Genetic”, “Stine Seed” etc.
The idea to accelerate the implementation of the US scientific, educational and business achievements in Ukrainian agrarian economy was fully supported on all levels. Therefore it was decided to conduct on the basis of NUBiP of Ukraine (in Kiev) US-Ukrainian Forum on December 5-7, 2011 for implementation of the US achievements in such spheres as science and business, into agrarian, processing and environmental spheres of Ukraine. However, during the Forum preparation process the interest of other companies and universities from different countries worldwide has been increased. Therefore NUBiP of Ukraine decided to extend US-Ukrainian Forum and to make it available for more international partners. It is also conditioned by active collaboration between NUBiP of Ukraine and different University such as Louisiana State University, Iowa State University, Pennsylvania State University, DePaul University (Chicago), North Dakota State University and others. The educational and research reformation in NUBiP of Ukraine had resulted from this collaboration. NUBiP of Ukraine developed joined project with Yale University on the problems of Radiological Contamination of the Forests in Chernobyl Exclusion Zone (under the support of the World Bank which provided 15 million USD for this purpose); the methods of transembriogenesis for cattle breeding were elaborated, Electronic Information and Consulting System for agrosphere of Ukraine was formed, unique Ukrainian Laboratory of Quality and Safety of Agricultural Products (under the support of FAO UNO) was established, new projects were initiated (Double degree diplomas, GIS-technologies etc).
NUBiP of Ukraine also keeps significant and fruitful collaboration with the great number of the Universities in Russia, France, Kazakhstan, China, Japan, South Korea, Belorussia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Holland, Belgium, and with such companies as “Amaco” (USA), ‘Leipurin” (Finland), “Avante” (Ukraine) and others. This collaboration was resulted in great positive impact in educational, research and innovative activities. Taking it into consideration they will also be welcome for Forum participation.   
Organizational issues of the Forum:
1.                  In order to discuss approaches to goal achievement, strategy development, and preparation of particular tasks, projects and programs, International Scientific and Organizational Forum on the basis of NUBiP of Ukraine will be held on 4-8 December 2011.
Those, who are interested in this event and are willing to participate or to get additional information, please contact NUBiP of Ukraine by 25 November 2011.
Contact persons:
-                     Dr. Mariana Vashchyk, Assistant to Rector for International Activities, tel.: +38 (044) 527-86-00, fax: +38 (044) 257-71-55,
e-mail: [email protected];
-                     Mrs. Kristina Linichenko, Assistant to Rector for International and Foreign Economic Activities,
tel.: +38 (044) 527-81-41, fax: +38 (044) 257-77-01, e-mail: [email protected];
Address: Ukraine, 03041 Kyiv, Heroyiv Oborony St.,15.
2.                  The University covers the costs of Forum organization, but doesn’t reimburse transportation costs for the Forum participants. Forum participants are responsible for booking and buying of their own tickets.
3.                  For the foreign participants of the Forum Ukrainian side covers the lodging costs (at the University hotel), meals (at the University café) and ground transportation in Ukraine.
4.                  Among the participants of the Forum there are governmental representatives, businessmen, representatives of Embassies, scientists, companies’ representatives.
5.                  For those who are interested in participation, but have no possibility to arrive online Conference Service will be available. All detailed information about this possibility you can receive from Contact persons.   
6.                   Draft Agenda:
5.12.2011. – presentation and discussion of projects, NUBiP introduction, Regulations on Center activities coordination;
6.12.2011р. – introduction Laboratories, Educational Research Farms, sections, research fields to the Forum participants;
7.12.2011р. – continuing of discussion of concrete projects and their organizational forms, signing Protocols, Letters of intent, Memoranda of Understanding etc.;
5. From 10.12.2011 to 01.02.2012 – keeping establishing contacts between Forum participants on individual basis, preparation and confirmation of the respective official documents and preparation of relevant decisions of the Government of Ukraine and foreign organizations. Final confirmation of Center’s activities for the period of 2012-2017 will take place during the 2nd Meeting of the Forum in February-March 2012 (the date will be confirmed).
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