The department of farming and herbology: enhancing the cooperation with Socialist Republic of Vietnam

September 12, 2018

     Ukraine and Vietnam have long friendly ties. Current Vietnam is an agrarian country which is dynamically developing. The government of this country supports the cooperation between their country and scientific centres and leading enterprises in agriculture in our country.

     Ambassador of Socialist Republic of Vietnam in Ukraine and Moldova Nguen An Tuan together with head of the department of farming and herbology Prof. Semen Tanchyk visited EEC «Agrotechnologies», in Ltd. «Agrofirm «Kolos» and had a meeting with the head of this centre Leonid Tsentylo.

     The ambassador was interested in a social structure of this farm, manufacturing divisions, achievements and technologies. Special attention was paid to biotechnologies and composting, because in Vietnam they synthesize a big amount of biomass which can be turned into high quality organic fertilisers with the help of biological technologies which the above mentioned centre develops and implements into agriculture. The use of this technology in farming can result in decreasing the load on the soil and improving their physical and chemical, microbiological properties and conditions.

     The respected guests were shown some agricultural vegetables which can be grown using eco-friendly technologies without using chemicals.

     The ambassador was surprised to see such strong tomato plants. Moreover, he offered us to cooperate and develop our relations in the sphere of composting and biotechnologies.
     It is the second visit of specialists from Vietnam to our university. The first was at the beginning of September. There were present Nguen An Tuana, an ambassador, Le Thu Fiong and Fan Dik Nria, the first and the second secretaries of the embassy, and the consultant of Ministry of agriculture of Vietnam, a member of a chemical association of Vietnam-Ukraine Nguen Kuok Shu. Most guests had studied in our country and that is why there was not a language barrier which facilitated a better understanding between the two parties.

     This meeting was beneficial for us. The parties agreed about future exchange visits to share experience, knowledge, and develop new technologies. Vietnamese specialists are expected to come to visit the department of farming and herbology to clarify the plans on further cooperation.

Semen Tanchyk,
head of the department of farming and herbology,
Mykola Kosolap,
an associate professor of the department of farming and herbology 

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