NUBiP of Ukraine – member of the Visegrad University Association

November 17, 2011


On November 10-11, 2011 the Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra supported by the Visegrad Fund hosted the first Constituent Meeting of the Visegrad University Association within the international strategic project "Sustainability in Agrisector of V4 Countries and Cooperating Regions". The main aim of the project is to establish the join research and education platform to enable the investigation and implementation of the issues of sustainable development in the agrisector of Visegrad countries and cooperating regions (Slovenia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Austria, the Kyrgyz Republic, Russian Federation and Croatia).
The main objective of the project is conducting various educational and scientific activities in partner countries in order to diversify sources of knowledge and practical experience for students and researchers. Cooperation in the field of joint degrees and double diplomas from the universities involved in the association is also a priority task.
Project Coordinator, Rector of the Slovak University of Agriculture, Professor Peter Belik headed the first Constituent Meeting at which after signing the Memorandum the Visegrad Association of Universities was established. The Association has 30 full and 9 honorary members from 25 countries. The participants of the meeting elected the Executive Committee, a member of which is Rector of NUBiP of Ukraine, academician Dmytro Melnychuk.
The strategic project will last until July 31, 2014 and at the Constituent Meeting has already approved its action plan. Project details can be found on the website, at the following link


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