Ukraine-Germany: first scientific results of AGMEMOD analytical laboratory in NUBiP

July 11, 2018

     Between July 27 and 29, Forum 2018 “Large-scale agriculture – for profit and society?” took place in Halle, Germany. It was organised by Leibniz Institute of Agricultural Development in Transition Economies.

     The IAMO Forum 2018 is the platform for research which analyses economic, entrepreneurship and social aspects of large-scale agricultural enterprises. Every year the IAMO rallies specialists in science, politics and agriculture to share knowledge and experience. International participants present and discuss outcomes of current research, political suggestions of actions which outline further research connected with agrarian policy.

     This forum is mostly attended by participants from transition economies of Eastern Europe, former USSR, Eastern Asia as well as countries of Latin America, European Union, and Northern America. Overall, there participated just about 150 experts in international science, politics and private business. Main topics for the discussion covered the development of agri holdings, prospects and challenges of their activity and their interaction with stakeholders and society.
     On behalf of Faculty of Economics, Iryna Cheban, a post graduate student made a speech on «Modelling of future prospects of Ukraine’s liquid biofuel market focusing on large-scale manufacturers: the analysis of partial balance».

     This research is first to use AGMEMOD model which was presented to Faculty of Economics on January 31, 2018 by Germany-Ukraine agri political dialogue. European Commission uses this model of partial balance to analyse common agrarian policy and the development of agricultural market. Thus, AGMEMOD helps to come out with right solutions. AGMEMOD laboratory started to work at the department of global economy in 2018 in order to use this model in research and studies.

     Additionally, Аnatolii Dibrova, dean of Faculty of Economics, Оksana Baranovska, scientific secretary of the university, Oleksandr Sovakov, vice-head of ERI of Faculty of Forestry, and Iryna Cheban, a post-graduate, went on a business trip to Germany which had been organised by «Germany-Ukraine agro political dialogue» which was supported by Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture. The topic was «The organisation and financial support of research in the sphere of agriculture and forestry».

     Colleagues from Ministry of agrarian policy and food of Ukraine, research institutes if NAAS of Ukraine, State agency of forestry of Ukraine also participated in the event.

     There were meetings in Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture, Federal Research Institute For Rural Areas, Forestry and Fisheries (Thunen-Institute), Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Ministry of Rural Development, Environment and Agriculture of Brandenburg, and Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Engineering and Bioeconomy.

     The purpose of this trip was to learn the experience of Germany: 1) how to organise, structure and finance the research in agriculture and forestry; 2) to use AGMEMOD programme as a component of the research in agriculture.

     Our delegation had talks with Stefan Lange, head of Institute of market analysis and Verena Laquai, a member of AGMEMOD team in Thunen-Institute. She also guides Ukraine’s affairs.

     The parties discussed the organisation and financial support of research in Thunen-Institute and set the tasks for further cooperation with NUBiP of Ukraine in the domain of using AGMEMOD model.

Vitalii Nahornyi

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