Aboah Dack C X from Liberia has chosen NUBiP to obtain his Master in Ecology

July 5, 2018

     Aboah Dack C X, a native of Liberia, visited Faculty of Plant Protection, Biotechnologies and Ecology in order to learn in detail about specialty «Ecology» so that he should obtain his Master degree at NUBiP of Ukraine.

  – Why «Ecology»? You have already obtained Bachelor degree in pharmacy.
     – Ecologist is a promising profession. It is among top professions of future. For my country a specialist in environmental protection should have knowledge to compensate ecological damage made by people, factories, cars and intensive mono culturel agriculture.

  – How did you learn about NUBiP of Ukraine and educational program «Ecological control and auditing» which you have chosen to obtain?
     – It is a very interesting question. The answer is very simple. I came across your university when I was surfing the Internet to find options for studying «Ecology» in Ukraine. The first offer I received was from NUBiP of Ukraine. Then I scrutinised all indicators which regulate the prestige of this institution and specialty «Ecology» at NUBiP of Ukraine, which has been among leaders of admission campaign for three years. If there is demand for this specialty, it is a result of a prestigious offer and high quality training.

– What do you expect from your studies at the university?
     – I want to obtain good knowledge and the possibility to combine academic process, practice and science. All this is provided by your university while training specialists in environmental protection.

– Have you got any plans what you will do after graduating from the university?
     – I am planning to utilise the knowledge which I will get at NUBiP of Ukraine to solve ecological problems of my country, Liberia. These problems are as following: intensive tropical deforestation, soil erosion, bio balance disorder, water contamination. I would like to add that Liberia is famous for its recreational centre in Monrovia and has a huge potential for the development of ecological tourism.

     WE wish you to pass successfully your entrance exams and become an Ecological control and auditing student of Faculty of Plant Protection, Biotechnologies and Ecology of NUBiP of Ukraine.

Yuliia Rybalko,
vice-dean of Faculty of Plant Protection, Biotechnologies and Ecology  

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