Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine awarded three scientists of NUBiP of Ukraine with a government scholarship – Mykola Patyka, Semen Tanchyk, and Leonid Tsentyl

May 19, 2018

     This year Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine awarded NUBiP of Ukraine’s scientists with a governmental award in the area of the development and implementation an innovation technology «Biologization of the farming – agricultural products quality and safety. We are happy to congratulate the head of the department of farming and herbology Semen Tanchyk, the head of the department of eco biotechnology and bio diversity Mykola Patyka, and the head of the ERI of the centre of agro technologies Leonid Tsentyl, our journalists had a talk with the grant holders.

  • What is innovative about your development?

Mykola Patyka:
     – We aim to tackle the problem of support the agro industrial complex of Ukraine with contemporary bio technologies, which exploit a biological constituent of the soil as the basis of the utilising novice highly effective systems of farming of different ecologization such as industrial, ecological, and biological. These systems balance the farming and nature processes. Thus it is necessary to reveal and enhance naturally adaptation potential of these by using innovative biological means of the reproduction of soil fertility in order to produce ecologically safe plant products.
     The increase of the production of agricultural crops and their quality without using natural and other resources is the goal which will enable the global food safety to meet the changes and needs. Global yield loss is caused by different changes such as the extinction of bio diversity and others. Due to these facts, and physical and chemical properties of soil the farmers fail to receive high yields. Microbe units of soil are the most complicated resource of biological diversity in the world. They are the basis of functioning of eco and agro systems. For years of research of innovative methods of farming and landscape managing, a biological constituent has hardly been taken into account. Soil as the most complicated bio environment in the world is a multi-level system in which a number of spatial and terminal interactions occur. The efficient management of its bio diversity hardly happens and regulated.
     Innovation developments of using the ecological system enables us to improve different processes which take place in soil in order to feed the soil in the proper way.
     The core of our development is to study how to form a biologically-optimised, healthy soil by the interaction of soil microorganisms which will help to restore the coil.
     Innovation technological solutions which we present in this development meet the requirements of contemporary agriculture and to sustainable development.

Semen Tanchyk:
     – Worsening of ecological situation in many countries, including Ukraine is the factor which urges scientists and researchers to consider the changes in modern farming. It is clear that it is dangerous to continue the process of intense of chemical farming. We must consider how to enhance the process of ecologization and biologization. The USA, Canada, European countries and Ukraine have already got first results in this area. However, we lack global complex research in the area of biologization of farming. The fundamentals of the implementation of organic and mineral fertilizers are not substantiated enough. Scientists have not yet clarified the role of organic and mineral fertilizers in order to produce high quality and ecologically safe agricultural products, and have not tested the probable efficient ways of their use.
     Taking all these factors into account, we have done this research. We strongly believe that the promising sphere is the development and the implementation of scientifically proved, ecologically safe systems of farming because they combine ecologically-friendly farming and natural processes. The priority of our development is a resource possible feeding soil with absolutely new organic fertilizers, the improvement of the structure of farming plots by growing a variety of plants which feed the soil with necessary minerals, the implementation of the system of soil cultivation which will protect the soil and others.

  • Did you expect that your outcomes of your research will be awarded?

Mykola Patyka:
     – This is the result of hard work which has been done for many years. We started to study molecules and organisms and are finishing with researching ways of technological implementation on large areas. We have had access to soil databases of Europe, and have been sharing the results of our work with leading enterprises of the world. All this contributed to crease such an original idea.
     We appreciate that our hard work has been noticed by our government, and has been awarded with this award. The important thing is the sustainable development is possible because of a biological constituent of the enhancement of soil fertility. Among other factors of success we should add a favourable environment of NUBiP of Ukraine which promotes the development of science and research.

Semen Tanchyk:
     – Our main goal is to receive ecologically safe quality agricultural products. We are also happy to get this award. I believe that this award proves that we are on the right way and agrarian science has a successful future.


Iryna Bilous
translated by Olena Soloviova

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