The 120th anniversary of NUBiP of Ukraine. Rector Stanislav Nikolaienko is greeting the first foreign delegation from Vietnam

May 22, 2018

     Delegations from Vietnam have visited our university twice. The first were official embassy representatives. Now our university is being visited by Vietnamese educators and scientists from Institute of economics and development (Hanoi). The delegation consists of the head of Institute of economics and development Pham Quock Toana, the head of Scientific Council Phan Dang Longa and the member of Scientific Council Ta Manh Zunga, the head of Centre of Economics and Construction of Ministry of Construction of Vietnam Le Anh Woon, the head of Ltd. «Тhai Back Construction» Nguen Wye Khuonga and vice-head of this company Nguen Kun Kien. They came to Ukraine and to NUBiP of Ukraine to discuss the foci of student exchange, research in the sphere of economics, management, information technologies, construction science, professional development, water bioresources and aqua culture; and of course to participate in the celebrations of the 120th anniversary of National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine.

     Rector Stanislav Nikolaienko presented our university, potential, and majors, and added that nowadays our university can hardly be called an agricultural university. Many university professors give their lectures in English. We offer preliminary courses for international students. Young generation from Vietnam who want to study at NUBiP of Ukraine have all opportunities to obtain high quality education. Vietnamese colleagues asked if it can be possible to train 30 PhD students in three years and moreover, at the extramural department.


Valentyn Obrambalskyi

translated by Olena Soloviova

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