Congratulations from Rector of the University, Academician, Hero of Ukraine D. Melnychuk with Day of Knowledge

September 1, 2011

Dear students!
I sincerely congratulate you with starting a new school year! September begins the holiday - "Day of Knowledge."
This is a holiday of youth and hope, especially those who in first time cross the University gate. 

This year we are meeting almost 10 000 young people. First university classes, first in your life lectures of famous scientists who will open the world of knowledge and climbing to eternal life source and basics of professional skill. Exactly at the University you will formed as a professionals and outstanding persons.

  So, I wish you in our university to achieve your goals in life and become worthy students of their teachers, find good and reliable friends and find true love. I am sure that grain of science, which will be sowed to your souls will give good seedling and provide you with future good harvest of wisdom and inspiration.  Also warmly congratulate all our great university family with "Day of Knowledge" and wish you good health, new creative achievements that glorify our university in Ukraine and all over the world.
So, I wish to all success and happiness! 
         With regards,
Rector of NUBiP of Ukraine,
Academician, Hero of Ukraine                        D. Melnychuk


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