International seminar for bachelor students «Radioactivity and nuclear power»

July 5, 2011

   National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine has held the third annual international seminar for bachelor students in the framework of the agreement of cooperation with the Wageningen University (the Netherlands).

From June 20 to July 3, 201, the students from both universities have collaborated under the theme “Radioactivity after the Chernobyl disaster and nuclear energy”.

During the first week of the seminar bachelor students from NUBiP of Ukraine and Wageningen University listened to the lectures of professors from both universities using telecommunication resources for the videoconference.

As for the second week, the university has welcomed 26 students and 2 teachers from the partner university.

Besides working in 8 groups of different themes the program of this visit also incorporated lectures, mentoring during the field research and coordination of the working groups by the experts from Wageningen University and NUBiP of Ukraine.

On Saturday, July 2, took part the symposium during which representatives from each group successfully presented results of their work.

The seminar for bachelor students was combined with social and cultural events. The guests have visited historical and cultural sights of Kyiv as well as the Chernobyl museum.


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