Future interpreters share their impressions about learning German

September 11, 2017

      Students always look forward to summer as in summer they can not only have a good rest but they also can travel. That is why they often wish summer would never end. Students of Faculty of Humanities and Pedagogy never regret because usually spend their summer combining pleasant and useful. They learnt German in Germany. Now they are sharing their impressions with us.

     Semesko Aliona: This summer I visited Germany, namely Frankfurt-on-Mein and its outskirts. A green town Neu-Isenburg appeals to me most. I fell in love with the German language and am looking forward to the next trip.


     Voit Olha: I also visited Germany. I lived by the Baltic sea and a gorgeous town Lübeck. I have good memories and impressions of this incredible country. And I would like to add that it was a good chance to practice my German. I am grateful to my German teacher Maksymchuk Valentyn Spyrydonovych that he has encouraged me to learn this language.



Svitlana Amelina,
head of the Foreign Linguistics and Translation Department

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