We are expanding international ties: a university delegation from Bulgaria visited our university

September 12, 2017

      On September, 12 a university delegation from Bulgaria consisting of ex-president of this university (current head of Russe), correspondent member of Bulgarian academy of sciences Christo Beloyev, a deputy president of this university Plamen Kangalov visited National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine. On NUBiP side the delegation consisted of rector Stanislav Nikolaienko, head of the board of employers Valerii Ruzhylo and professor Volodymyr Bulgakov.


     Representatives of both universities discussed potential foci of cooperation between two higher educational establishments in the sphere of training engineers and builders. Two delegations agreed to have joint research projects to develop and realize and to sign an agreement on cooperation in the nearest future.

Oleksandr Labeko,
head of ERC for international activity

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