Faculty of Animal Sciences and Water Bio resources – Belarus State Agricultural Academy: results and plans of cooperation

June 7, 2017

     Faculty members and students of Faculty of Animal Sciences and Water Bio resources took part in ХХ international scientific and practical and ХХ international student scientific conference «Current problems of intensive development of animal industry» which was held in Belarus agricultural academy (Gorky, Mohylevska region). Seven university faculty members and four students presented their outcomes. There were six diplomas available. Our students took three of them. The winners are Danyiil Polkovnikov (the first place), Liudmyla Dmytriieva and Juliia Kovner (the third place).


     Participants saw academic laboratories, a botanical garden, a school-farm, an industrial fishery learnt about the way students live in dormitories. Belorus colleagues showed their interest to train at a university apiary, to see the stables and a racetrack, to learn about the techniques of DNA technological and other specific researches in animal sciences and enable our students to master main production processes of egg incubation and trout production when using closed water supply reservoirs.

Mykola Sahatskyi,
head of the department of animals biology

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