Cooperation between radio biologists and radio ecologists of NUBiP of Ukraine and Norwegian University of Life Sciences

June 6, 2017

     Young researchers, post graduate and Master students of NUBiP of Ukraine trained at Norwegian University of Life Sciences for three weeks in January-February, 2017.

     There they competed the course «Environmental radioactivity and Radioecology course KJM351». They attended lectures and laboratory classes. Lecturerers were prominent scientists in the sphere of radio biology and radio ecology from Norway (Brit Salbu, Deborah H. Oughton, Ole Christian Lind), Ukraine (V.О. Kashparov), and other countries (Peter Stegnar, Tom Hinton, Hildegarde Vandenhove, Juan Carlos, Mora Canadas).

     Participants learnt about methods of studying physical and chemical forms and ways of radio nuclides moving in eco systems in the laboratory of centre of environmental radio activity.



      Then participants went on an excursion in Oslo, the capital city of Norway.

     In three months all participants took an exam. Associate professor Nataliia Biliera and senior researcher Olena Pareniuk were in charge of the organization and conducting the exam in NUBiP of Ukraine. Both are from the Department of Radiobiology and Radioecology. The final testing lasted for three hours and a half and met all criteria of European universities. The performance will be brought into open after the works have been marked but a course coordinator Ole Christian Lind (Associate Professor, PhD, Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU), Centre for Environmental Radioactivity, Faculty of Environmental Sciences and Natural Resource Management).

     This cooperation is to be continued. A new workshop «Experimental radioecology and radiobiology» starts on June,18. It is organized by the Department of radiobiology and radioecology, Institute of agricultural radiobiology (NUBiP of Ukraine) and Norwegian University of Life Sciences.  

Ihor Hudkov,
Head of the Department of
Radiobiology and Radioecology

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