III International Summer School «Achievements and Applications of Environmental and Life Sciences for Sustainable Development»

19 July 2017, 0:00


     We have a great pleasure to announce our annual project – III International Summer School «Achievements and Applications of Environmental and Life Sciences for Sustainable Development».

     The event is to be held from 19 to 22 July 2017 in Kiev.

     The project mission is to divert the social awareness from consumerism to environmental thinking and to unite people around the idea of organic life style.

     The motto of the III International Summer School is "Innovations in food production for sustainable regional development".

     The lectures and workshops are given by highly qualified scientists from European Universities, and provide the multinational environment for discussions on the relevant topics of innovations in food production with environmentally friendly technologies to support sustainability in the region. The forms and methods of training include lectures, workshops, field studies and team work on projects.
     Apart from educational program, the School offers exciting leisure activities such as sightseeing tours of Kyiv, an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the countryside of Central Ukraine, variety of traditional Ukrainian cuisine, to learn how to make cheese, to feel the positive energy of farm goats and experience the spirit of teamwork in the joint projects on setting up and developing food production businesses.

This summer we will be offering three streams:

I. Knowledge for Sustainable Development (key topics: Productive technological cycle "From field to table" for Sustainable Life Style: composition of soils as the basis for high quality food products; livestock development for sustainability in rural territories; technological features of milk processing and production of cheese and dairy products; marketing and consumer culture (preference) formation among the population; aspects of healthy diet; information and software support of modern farms.
II. English for specific purposes (key topics: scientific professional vocabulary development skills; language for making successful presentations; easy and clear scientific communication).
III. Cultural and Historical Heritage of Kiev Region in Ukraine (key events: city tour of Kyiv, visiting historical places and museums, tasting traditional Ukrainian cuisines).

     The participants who complete full Summer School Program will be awarded certificates and earn 4 ECTS credits that may be counted towards their degrees at their home universities.
     The courses are designed to challenge and inspire you in the field of your interest.

     Spend a wonderful fortnight with us and enjoy Kyiv, an ancient city known for its architecture, technologies and vibrant cultural life, and Kyiv region with its unique nature, living traditions and modern agricultural production, which ensures the sustainable development of the region.
     As a participant of Summer School you will discover the perfect environment for studying, making new friends and having fun!
     This AAELSSD summer school invites students, postgraduate students, and young scientists, representatives of national and international public and private companies. However, the number of participants is limited to max 40 people.

     The funds raised from the registration fees will cover an interesting and varied social and cultural program for participants, printed materials and reception of foreign lecturers.

Details and registrations on the Summer School site http://science-education.com.ua/

     We are ready to provide any further information and discuss suggestions. You can contact us on: [email protected], [email protected]

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