Olgierd Kemp, a professor of Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences gave a lecture about land consolidation to students and teachers of Faculty of Land Management

May 22, 2017

     According to ERASMUS+ Faculty of Land Management hosted a meeting of students and teachers with Olgierd Kemp, a professor of Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences.

       Professor shared European experience in institutional and practical aspects of land management in Poland. In particular, he talked about the consolidation of land and its potential impact on the structure of land.

       In his words land consolidation in Poland is being conducted in six stages. The first is project initiating (applying for a project initiating, analyzing of the current state, seeing needs and wishes of the population, preliminary preparation of events and their cost). The second is developing the project (hiring consultants to develop the project, an accurate locating the territory on which consolidation will be conducted, working out graphical materials, evaluation of planned events). The third stage is analyzing the current situation on land rights (establishment or law registration of borders and law status of land areas including easements and restrictions of land rights, identification of areas which are scientifically or ecologically valuable, cost of land, solving disputes in terms of land borders). The next phase is developing detailed plans for land consolidation (drafting a plan indicating the location and borders of the new land, new roads and other municipal buildings, developing different planning alternatives by calculating economic and ecological efficiency, analysing options (scenarios)of land consolidation taking into accounts all comments and its approving). 

       The last but one phase involves implementing detailed plans for land consolidation (land borders, hiring new experts for construction, agricultural improvements, installation of drainage, construction of new roads). The last stage is the final, during which the distribution of costs is done, cadastral maps are updated for the last time, new documents on land rights are registered and handed out.

       The consolidation of agricultural land in Poland lasts several years. Importantly, the traditional principle is of land consolidation is present in the implementation of all phases that is the situation of a landowner should not worsen after fulfilling this project even to improve. The professor said that 80% of land consolidation is financed by the European Union and only 20% by community.

       In conclusion, Olgierd Kemp answered questions which students and teachers asked about salaries of engineers and surveyors in Poland, which curriculum is at Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences, what kind of practice they have, how surveyors are certified which enables them to do geodesy and cartography activities.

Iryna Kolhanova,
assistant of the department of
land management projecting  

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