NUBiP signed Memorandum of Understanding with Land Grand University of Missouri

April 24, 2017

     On April 24, National University of Life and Environmental Sciences (Ukraine) and University of Missouri (USA) signed Memorandum of Understanding. It was signed by Stanislav Nikolaenko and Henry Foley.

     This documents means cooperation in scientific and research fields, students and faculty exchange. Stanislav Nikolaenko mentioned that we are very interested in such kind of cooperation.

     First contacts between our universities we had before – senior lecturer of department of administrative management and foreign economic activity Dmytro Kyryliuk took part in Faculty Exchange Program in University of Missouri. After that we were working on our future cooperation and finally we signed our agreement.

     University of Missouri is a very important partner. The University of Missouri was founded in 1839 in Columbia as the first public university west of the Mississippi River. Today, with an enrollment of more than 33,000 students, 13,000 full-time employees and 305,000 alumni, Mizzou is a $2.2 billion enterprise and an important investment for the state and nation. So now we are honored to say that we have expand numbers of our partners in addition to universities of Iowa, Louisiana and Pennsylvania.

     By the way, University of Missouri is one of the universities which is offering full course in History of Ukraine. This course is giving by Professor, PhD Russell Zguta who isoriginally from Ukraine.

     One of the first American colleagues who visit Golosievo today is co-founder of Food and Agricultural Policy Research Institute, Director of CAFNR International Programs at University of Missouri Willian Meyers and his colleague International Training Coordinator of CAFNR University of Missouri Ken Schneeberger.

Dmytro Kyryliuk 

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