Dmytro Kyryliuk became a participant of International Development Youth Forum in Japan

March 27, 2017

     Dmytro Kyryliuk, a senior teacher of the department of administrative management got a grant to participate in International Development Youth Forum, Tokyo, Japan, on March 13-18, 2017. This event was supported by Japan International Cooperation Agency, Tokyo University and Japanese business people. This forum united 45 young people from 45 countries of the world. Overall more than 3,000 young people from all the world had applied for the grant to participate in this forum.

     IDYF 2017 is a prestigious conference for young researchers who discuss the issue of sustainable development, including the goals and the role of international cooperation, development of a new vision on the notion of «development» in terms of limits of a contemporary economic system.

      Dmytro Kyryliuk conducted a lecture on the development of agriculture of Brazil and took part in working out an investment strategy of this country. Forum participants visited an experimental farm which grows soya and rice for Tokyo people and does researches to preserve bio diversity in the region, the factory producing soya sauce and other soya products. But the way this factory has a permission to produce sauce for the imperial family of Japan.

       Forum participants developed an investment strategy of Japanese strategy in Brazil which was highly appreciated by experts of Japanese agency for international cooperation and was approved to be implemented.

Oleksandr Labenko,
head of ERC for international cooperationі  

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