A double diploma program working

March 19, 2017

Dzień dobry, szanowni panowie!


       Students of Faculty of Humanities and Pedagogy have a very good opportunity to study at Pomorska Academy (Slupsk, Poland) under the international program of double diploma. This program is being carried out by both Faculty of Humanities and Pedagogy of NUBIP of Ukraine and Pomorska Academy (Slupsk, Poland).




       So, now we are in Poland. We are students of Pomorska academy which is situated in a small but picturesque town, SLupsk. The hosts met us and took us on an excursion around the dormitory. Then we learnt about the rules of living and studying in an academy and attended our first lecture. Classes are rather interesting. Professors are loyal to foreign students and help us to learn Polish. To learn a new language is a fascinating thing. Despite the fact that there are a lot of foreign students, every of us is treated in a specific way. 

       I have only positive emotions and impressions. It is a huge step for a student to study abroad. And to get a European diploma will enable us to work in Europe in future.



       We are grateful to this program coordinators and dean of Faculty of Humanities and Pedagogy for the support and the opportunity to obtain education abroad!

Serhii Ilin,
a student of Phil-1302,
Iryna Hrytsenko,
a senior teacher of the department of Romance
and Germanic languages and translation  

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