A student of ERI of Forestry and Park Gardening speaks about peculiarities of studying in Sweden

February 25, 2017

     NUBiP of Ukraine maintains extensive international links, cooperates with leading universities of the world. Every year our students have an opportunity to go abroad to study or to train. We had a chance to talk to one of such students. Meet Dmytro Zlenko, a third-year student of ERI of Forestry and Park Gardening.

– Dmytro, tell us please where you are studying now?
       – I stood a chance to win an exchange program and go to study to Sweden agricultural university (Malmo) for a spring term. To be more clear the campus is in the outskirts and it is called Alnarp. There are educational buildings, dormitories and the Botanical Garden which is one of the biggest in varieties range in Sweden.

– What makes the academic process in Sweden different from Ukrainian?
       – The order of conducting courses surprised me most. Only two subjects are conducted for the whole semester. And these subjects are subdivided into various courses. Students get a lot of articles and books to read. So it is important to be able to manage the time. At seminars we analyze the material. For example, it was interesting to listen to the student who watched the typhoon when we were discussing the topic “typhoons”. And on the whole it is fascinating to communicate with young people from all over the world. We get to know a lot about new approaches in park gardening.

– Are the ways of teaching different too?
       – We have two full professors. But for the time being we are working with one professor. She lectures and conducts seminars. Though it is also a tradition to invite an expert in the domain to lecture. So we had a chance to listen to a lecture with was given by a postgraduate of Lund University who has been working as a Costalengineer for some years, and she also consults local authorities about the measures to prevent the coast from erosion. We got to know about the problems of southern coast of Sweden and the ways of their solution.

Iryna Bilous

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