Department of Forest Restoration and Melioration

Educational laboratories

 The department sets up and operates five educational laboratories.
1. Forest Plantations Educational Laboratory. The laboratory was created on the university administration decision and confirmed by the rector'sorder from June 9, 2008,No.378.Main tasks are: to provide studentsand participants of the university with working places stuffed with advanced equipment;to provide methodical and supplementary books;create safe working conditions on workplaces according to requirements of applicable law;carrying out by scientifical and pedagogical staff of the department high scientifical and methodological level of practical classes according to available curriculum and studying process schedule; systematic updating and improving of educational and experimental facilities of technical training, computerization and automation of the educational process.

 2. Educational Research and Production Laboratory of Forest Seed and Seedling.Laboratory was created on the university administration decision and confirmed by the rector's order from June 22, 2001, No. 271. Main tasks are: to join efforts of pedagogical and scientifical workers of the department, scientifical and technical staff, PhD students, graduate students, participants and students aimed on implementation of agricultural production in scientifical research which improve evaluation method of sowing qualities of forest and ornamental woody plants' seeds,zonal system of ornamental nurseries and quality management of planting material cultivation, theoretical and technological bases of reforestation and afforestation on the principles of environmentally oriented forestry and system management of silvicultural work quality; conduction together with agricultural enterprises joint scientifical and production activity; providing of scientific-advisory, educational, informational and other services provided by Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated August 27, 2010, No.796 “On approval of the list of paid services that can be provided by schools, and other state and municipal educational institutions”; usage of laboratory possibilities for students practical level improvement and increase of qualification of educational and pedagogical workers of the university in a production environment;improvement of specialists preparation in a forestry branch.The structure of laboratory includes next departments:
• Control of seed sowing qualities;
• Microclonal propagation of woody plants;
• Educational and research woody plants nursery.

3. Educational Laboratory of Forest Melioration. Created for providing qualitative laboratory and practical exercises, appropriate conditions for the educational process at the department (the rector's order from September 30, 2009, No. 914). Educational Laboratory is equipped with modern computer and office equipment, it contains a significant amount of thematic illustrations, models of protective forest plantationsof various purposes, model of different sprinkler systems usage etc.

4. Educational Research and Production Laboratory of Protective Afforestation. Created on the department (the rector's order from 21, March, 2006, No. 153) and aimed on effective directions of efforts in educational and scientifical potential of the departmentfor receivingspecial funds by providing research and consulting, educational and information services.The laboratoryinvolved in realization of scientifical development implementation, conduction of jointscientifical and productional activities, scientifical and educational activities and other works for entities and persons.

5. Educational Laboratory of Master's and PhD Students Preparation. Created by help of the departmentstaff in semibasement of the first educational building (auditorium #51) and equipped with the internet, professional library, multimedia and other attributesnecessary to ensure normal educational and scientifical work of students and graduate students.Used for graduation and course design, scientific conferences, educational and scientific seminars, presentations, displaying and disputes.

6. Professional Library with Private Collections of Classical Foresters. Includes professional publications (incl. rare) of private collections of such academicians as G. Vysotsky, professors Z. Golovnyak, B.Logginov, D. Lavrynenko, A. Kotova, P. Calnyy, M. Gordienko, P. Vakulyuk etc. It also includes existing laws, regulations and regulatory materials, professional periodical domestic publications.

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