Czech-Ukraine: NUBIP of Ukraine is developing cooperation with “Brunnthaller”

February 17, 2017

     Our university prolonged the contract of cooperation with Czech enterprise “Brunnthaller”. Both rector Stanislav Nikolaienko and head of this enterprise Peter Zhyrovnytsky signed the document.

       The cooperation began more than twenty years when Vadym Kondratiuk, a student of the Faculty of Zoo Engineering undergone internship at “Brunnthaller”, one of the leading producers of systems and equipment for animal industry. Vadym was immensely impressed. After Vadym Kondratiuk became dean of the Faculty of Animal Sciences and Water Bio resources he activated this cooperation and ten years later the contract was signed. So the head of “Brunnthaller” visited our university to prolong this cooperation.

       Peter Zhyrovnytsky told how they organize internship for our students. Annually the enterprise invites six male students, they then are paired up and each pair takes turns to work at pig, cattle farms and at equipment installation. In such a way they undergo the whole cycle of training.


       Stanislav Nikolaienko presented potential of the university and invited representatives to celebrate University Day with us. Peter Zhyrovnytsky cited Marian Jurečka saying that NUBIP of Ukraine impressed him most.

      We received an unusual present that is equipment for a poultry farm for the Faculty of Animal Sciences and Water Bio resources.

Valentyn Obrambalskyi  

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