Roman Skrypnyk, a student of veterinary medicine: international experience is a guarantee of success

January 3, 2017

     Roman Skrypnyk, a student of Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, stood the chance to train at the affiliate of Friedrich Loeffler Institute (Friedrich-Loeffler-Institut, Germany) as the winner of the grant program. He stayed there four days (December 12-16 2016). This institute is located on Insel Riems. The focus of his training was modern techniques of laboratory testing a severe disease which is called fever Crimea-Kongo. By the way this is the focus of Roman’s scientific research. Either humans or animals can catch this disease. It is caused by a virus which belongs to the family Bunyaviridae, and carriers of the disease are often ixodic mites which belong to Hyalomma, Amblyomma and Rhipicephalus. These mites can be found in Ukaine too.

     While studying in Germany, Roman learnt about requirements for mites selection, keeping and transportation, their relation to the family and sex. He also mastered techniques of separating virus ribonucleic acid of tick homogenate with the further doing polymerase chain reaction in real time. Moreover, he, together with the laboratory staff, had the opportunity to learn not only about classical diagnostic methods, but also about new ones which are just being developed, such as the method of in-house ELISA. Finally, the study would not be complete but for the lecture course which covered a range of issues about the work in laboratories with different levels of biosafety.

     Roman will be able to write his Master’s paper using the obtained knowledge, and skills. His experience will enable to expand cooperation with colleagues in Germany.

Mykola Tsvilihovsky,
dean of Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
Maryna Halat,
coordinator of international programs
of Faculty of Veterinary Medicine 

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