A student of Agrobiological faculty, Tetyana Petrovych brought a bronze medal of European Championship in boxing

November 29, 2016

     European championship in boxing took place in Sofia (Bulgaria) on November 14-24. 120 sportswomen took part from 29 countries took part in it. Master of agrobiological faculty, master of sports of Ukraine Tatyana Petrovych took the bronze in the weight class of 69 kg.



     In Tetyana’s words, “I was a member of a national team of Ukraine. There were 10 girls in the team, and it had not been so easy to become a member of a national team of Ukraine. Actually it was the first significant competition in my sports career, so I had been training hard exercised a lot. We defended the honor of our country. My opponents from Hungary and Turkey were especially strong. I defeated A Hungarian but I lost to a Turkish boxer. As a result, I am a bronze holder.



Mykola Kostenko
head of the Department of Physical Education 

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