New facets of cooperation: the Faculty of Humanities and Pedagogy held a seminar with the participation of advisors

November 29, 2016

     On October 28 Paris hosted French-Ukrainian business forum. Ukrainian delegation was headed by Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman, French delegation was headed by Minister of Economy and Finance of France Michel Sapin. For 8 months of 2016, Ukrainian exports to France increased by 12,68%. Agricultural products are a very important part of this export. France embassy in Ukraine is a constant partner of our university as our educational establishment trains specialists not only for the agrarian sector of economy but for the sustainable development of agro sector, bio resources and total territories.

     On November 24, Faculty of the Humanities and Pedagogy hosted an international seminar “Policy of Franco-Ukrainian cooperation in the agricultural sector: education, science and professional circles” chaired by Dean Vasyl Shynkaruk together with Nicolas Perenn, advisor for agriculture, Embassy of France in Ukraine, Sylvain Rihole, attaché for university and scientific cooperation, Embassy of France in Ukraine, Oksana Lando, coordinator of France governmental scholarship programs Ukraine 24.

     Opening the seminar, Vasyl Shynkaruk emphasized the importance of the French language at NUBIP of Ukraine of finding new possibilities for more effective and fruitful cooperation in education and science, and in the industrial and academic sphere.


     Sylvain Rihole informed about the priorities of France Embassy about university and scientific cooperation with Ukraine and supported the ideas for closer cooperation in programs of mobility of both students and teachers. One of these foci is supporting in training Ukrainian specialists who are good at French and know business traditions of French enterprises as well as their functioning.


     Nicolas Perren analysed some results of French strategies of agricultural enterprises on the Ukrainian market, explained the importance of vocational and language training of future professionals of the agricultural sector, and outlined potential opportunities for training students at French companies located in Ukraine.

     Oksana Lando presented a number of scholarship programs of French Education Office Campus explained the process of preparation of documents for training in France.

     French guests were pleasantly surprised by our students. Margarita Vinogradova (Faculty of Humanities and Pedagogy) spoke about the characteristic features of inclusive policy in France and Ukraine, Nikitina Elena (Faculty of Agricultural Management) spoke about a farm as the main form of the agricultural sector Students who trained in France shared their experience.


     The paricipants of the seminar outlined some further steps in the development of Franco-Ukrainian cooperation and emphasized on the importance of learning as a second foreign language at our university.

Svitlana Amelina,
head of the department of foreign philology and translation
Nataliia Rudnytska,
senior teacher
of the department of foreign philology and translation 

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