Researchers of Faculty of Livestock Raising and Water Bioresources won the third grant for an international internship – this time in Israel

October 3, 2016

     Myhaylo Sychov, professor head of animal nutrition and feed technology department underwent a training at International Agricultural Training Centre of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel on September, 4-23. Professor Sychov participated in a grant program successfully.

     The training course "Introduction of innovative technologies and management techniques in dairy farming" was attended by representatives of five countries: Ukraine, Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. The participants attended theoretical and practical trainings on maintenance and breeding dairy cattle, veterinary protection of cows, ways of healing mastitis and prevention of cow dryness. The issue of feeding different gender and age groups of cattle took much time as well.

     The participants visited dairy farms of different ownership (Mashav, Kibbutz). It should be mentioned that cows productivity in Israel is rather high and is approximately 12,500 kg of milk per cow. The participants also visited firms which produce equipment for dairy rooms SCR and Afi Milk, learnt about the work of enterprises which produce and store sperm, mixed animal feed and fodder.

     The final stage of the course was the development and presentation of projects. Professor Myhaylo Sychov together with participants from Armenia presented educational project "Concepts of feeding dairy cows", which aimed at changing the approach in feeding dairy cattle. The presenters suggested preparing part "Feeding dairy cows" for a textbook on discipline "Animal nutrition and feed technology" meeting the demands of modern concepts as well as training teachers and introducing the world experience in a curriculum on discipline "Animal nutrition and feed technology".

     The project was approved and took the first place. Professor Myhaylo Sychov was advised to continue work in this domain and to take part in the competition for grant funding.

Vadym Kondratiuk,
dean of Faculty of Livestock Raising and Water Bioresources

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