A new laboratory has been opened in Education and Research Institute of Forestry and Park Gardening

September 16, 2016

     On September 16, a laboratory of engineering and technical equipment which is used to supply a forest sector was opened in Education and Research Institute of Forestry and Park Gardening. This laboratory is equipped with Stihl products at cost of more than a billion hryvnias. Petro Lakyda, director of the institute thanked local Stihl representatives, namely, Oleksandra Melnyk, chief of TOV “Andreas Stihl” and Ihor Melnyk, manager on regional development and marketing for the demonstrational equipment and announced about the further cooperation between the institute and TOV “Andreas Stihl”. Oleksandra said that she was pleased to participate in such an important event and highlighted the necessity of training specialists for forest sector of Ukrainian economy. She knows from her own teaching experience that it is an essential and complicated kind of work. Still she believes that the sown grains of hope will turn into lush forests. And the machinery, though is not large in number but of latest models which is produced at STIHL plants in Germany, Austria, the USA, Brazil and China will be of good help. By the way, the company celebrates its 90th anniversary this year. 

     Serhii Kvasha, vice rector for educational activity said that this event is a good outcome of cooperation of our University with leading firms. And exposing the best products here is recognition of administration and the faculty of the University.

     After that Oleksandra Melnyk, Serhii Kvasha and Ihor Melnyk, using a STIHL chainsaw, cut a stick, a so-called ribbon, which symbolized the opening of a new laboratory.

     Guests participated in a solemn meeting of Institute Academic Council as well. Serhii Kvasha congratulated all present in the room with their professional holiday and on behalf of Stanislav Nikolaienko, rector of NUBIP of Ukraine awarded Oleksandra Melnyk with a gratitude letter, Serhii Kovalevsky with a certificate of merit, Oleksandr Sovakov, Vadym Maidanenko, Asmik Ditkovska with gratitude letters. Petro Lakyda also thanked Anatolii Tertyshnyi, Serhii Sendonin, Andrii Spirochkin and Alla Oborska and presented them with gratitude letters on behalf of State Agency of Forest Resources.

Olha Nakonechna

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