Department of Humanities and Pedagogics expands cooperation with the Pomeranian Academy in Słupsk (Poland)

June 8, 2016

    June, 8. This day, the Department of Humanities and Pedagogics hosted distinguished guests from Pomeranian Academy in Słupsk (Poland) as part of a visit of its newly elected Rector, Professor Zbigniew Osadovsky and instructor of the Institute of Pedagogics, Coordinator of international programs Evheniia Spivakovska.

     Recently, the Department has signed an agreement with Polish colleagues about end-of-term training of students majoring in “Social Work”. And starting autumn, first group will be acquiring their future specialty in Słupsk.

     Subject of the meeting of humanity staff with the guests, according to Dean Vasyl Shynkaruk, was discussing the possibilities of cooperation in professional training of philologists. And although the Academy has huge demand for the said specialty, the partners agreed to look for the possibility to train our students. The answer to why such cooperation is very important was given by Zbigniew Osadovsky. Unlike a semester training program under Erasmus+, where seats are limited, cooperation agreements negate such restrictions. Moreover, the guest continued, education is free and the Polish side provides accommodation for all of its term. Another advantage is that such agreements permit to lower several times the cost of education of double degree system. The head of the academy hopes to launch Polish Philology on the Department of Humanities and Pedagogics. And a number of requests of the students of the department and its potential applicants, as noted by the Head of the Chair of Foreign Philology and Translation Svitlana Amelina, are quite big.

     Head of the Chair of Romano-Germanic Languages and Translation Oleksandr Malykhin was speaking about studying Polish as a second foreign language. Evheniia Spivakovska proposed an alternative for double degree – the so-called system of two diplomas. That is, students would study English in NULES and get the appropriate degree, and in Poland – Polish and Polish degree.

     The meeting also discussed cooperation in pedagogical sphere. In particular, Head of the Chair of Pedagogics Ruslan Sopivnyk raised the issue of educational work in NULES and Polish universities.

     Dialogue of the interested parties was going on after the meeting.

Olha Nakonechna, Senior Lecturer
of the Chair of Social Pedagogics and
Information Technologies in Education 

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