January 19, 2016

 November, 25 professors and foreign students NULES of Ukraine took part in the V-th International Scientific Conference "Modern Postgraduate Education: Tradition and Innovation", organized by the Institute of retraining and advanced training of the National Pedagogical University of Drahomanov with the assistance of the Association of International Education, Science and Culture, the Academy of Management International Education, the African Council in Ukraine, the European Association for Science and Education.


 In conference was attended by representatives of 37 higher educational institutions of Ukraine, Poland and Moldova, representatives of the embassies of other countries, educational institutions, engaged in set of foreign nationals on training, international public organizations.
 One of the topical issues that were presented in the program of the conference was to discuss the situation and problems of international education, perspectives and ways of further development in the integration process of higher education of Ukraine in the European space.
 In this context on sectional meeting was presented the report to the deputy director of the international department NULES of Ukraine V. Afanasenko on the topic "Methodological aspects of internationalization of agricultural education."
 During the event occurred ceremony of awarding diplomas and awards. In particular from the public organization African Council in Ukraine was awarded a diploma student of 2nd course of the Faculty of Agrobiological Kwai James Brown from the Republic of Ghana on the occasion of 53 th anniversary of the Organization of African Unity, for the excellent academic achievements and active participation in the socio cultural life of the university.


 Also, for contribution to the development of friendship and cooperation between Ukraine and the African continent the International Department was awarded thanksgiving.


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