University students took part in the conference “Science connecting nations” in Hungary

December 1, 2015

     On November 25, 2015 at Szent István University (Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences), Gödöllő, Hungary and the Visegrad University Association the 2nd conference “Science connecting nations” was held. Our university was represented by students of various years of study of the Department of Economics and that of Agricultural Management: Victoria Volianska, Natalia Arman, Yulia Pokotylo, Maksym Dibrova, Ehor Kopylov, Elyzaveta Beliaeva, Ihor Sobko, Roman Lahuta, Mariya Zhestkova, Yana Koshman, Tetiana Chukovetska and others.

     In their reports and articles, students investigated the problem of financing the agricultural sector, compliance with International Financial Reporting Standards of financial accountability by agricultural enterprises, agricultural exports, insurance of production and produced food, investments in small and medium enterprises in rural areas, relationship between Ukraine and the International Monetary Fund, international trade, development of entrepreneurship in general and individual companies in particular, in Ukraine and in the world. In addition to excellent possession of theoretical and practical knowledge on research topics, students demonstrated a wonderful conversational level of English, answered all the questions and took part in discussions.

     As a result, the jury of scientists of the Department of Economics and Social Sciences of Szent István University estimated that Maksym Dibrova took the 2nd place representing our university, and our students – Nataliya Arman and Yulia Pokotylo, who represented Slovak University of Agriculture (Nitra) – the 3rd place.
     All participants and their managers were awarded with certificates and presents, and winners – with honorary diplomas and distinctions.
     Students were talking in a friendly atmosphere and joined a tour of the sights of this small Hungarian town.

     Also, the Agricultural Museum in Budapest, which since 1897 has been occupying one of the buildings of Budapest Castle Vajdahunyad, located in the City Park – Városliget, near the famous Heroes' Square, was visited. The architectural ensemble of Vajdahunyad Castle buildings harmoniously combines different styles of their fragments, built in Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque styles. The museum features the history of agriculture since ancient times to our days. The scientific journey proved to be productive and successful. We wish the students further achievements in science and patience and endurance to their instructors while training would-be scientists and entrepreneurs.

Nehoda Y.V., Tytarchuk I.M.,
Assistant professors of the Department of Finance


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