The University has received a grant for academic mobility of students, postgraduates and faculty

October 1, 2015

     Within the “Erasmus +” programs, in 2015 our University filed 9 applications for grants to support academic mobility with European Universities.

     The Council was notified that the other day the confirmation has been received for funding one of the applications from the University of Foggia (Italy). Within this grant, 11 Universities of Ukraine will receive financing in the amount of 506,700 Euro, including our University with more than 78,000 Euro in 2016-2017.

     The budget of the mobility project provides financing scholarships for students, masters and postgraduates in the amount of 850 Euro per month, and for teaching staff – in the amount of 980 Euro per week.

     The University of Foggia has the departments of agriculture, food and environment, law, humanities and economic sciences, which can serve as the bases for the internship of students, masters, postgraduates and the faculty of our University.

Vadym Tkachuk,
Director of ESC for international activities


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