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International scientific and practical conference "Addressing Ecological and Social Challenges for Forests and Forest Management", October 22-24, 2018



National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine.


State Agency of Forest Resources of Ukraine.

Ukrainian National Forestry University.

Ukrainian Forestry Society.

International scientific and practical conference

Dedication: 120th anniversary of National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine and 15th anniversary of institutional foundation of FSC-initiative in Ukraine.

Title: Addressing Ecological and Social Challenges for Forests and Forest Management

Dates: October 22-24, 2018

Venue: Education and Research Institute of Forestry and Landscape-Park Management of NULES of Ukraine

Motivation: Significant obstacles for functioning of the existing forestry models are preconditioned by climate change, which causes catastrophic natural phenomena, weakens forests and leads to their subsequent dieback, worsens conflicts linked with prescribing and carrying-out felling. Additional challenges for countries with transition economy are increasing contradictions between conflicting interests of supporting and increasing public goods production (ecosystem services) and, at the same time, of market demand for increasing timber production in a context of infirmity and inability of institutions to solve them. Deficiency of multi-stakeholder’s dialogue and low culture of finding consensus hinder overcoming the contradictions. Transition to adaptive forest management should be accompanied by formation of appropriate mechanisms and transformation tools ranging from national forest policy to changing forestry practices by shifting to close to nature forestry.

Purpose: The conference shall serve as a platform for finding answers to challenges related with uncertainty in the context of dynamic changes linked with making managerial decisions; promote multilateral dialogue on strengthening institutional structures and  developing risk-resilient forest management strategies and modern adaptive forestry practices for Eastern Europe.

Conference languages: English, Ukrainian, Russian.

Scientific sessions:

Assessment of Forests and Forestry

  • Causes and trends of conditions for forest ecosystems functioning (climate change, dieback etc.);
  • National forest inventory and monitoring as a basis for information support of forest industry development;
  • Potential of forests and their multi-purpose role in securing low-carbon economy and mitigating climate change;
  • Forest use methods and regimes aimed at sustainability, non-exhaustibility and uniformity of harvesting;
  • Economic assessment of forests’ ecological and social functions, its integration to managerial decision-making.

Institutional and Economic Mechanisms of Forest Management Transformation

  • National dialogue on forest policy and strategy;
  • Experience and practice of multilateral processes of conflicting interests reconciliation;
  • Budgetary and extra-budgetary funds for forestry financing;
  • Market tools of sustainable forest management;
  • Role, functions and balance of forest management transformation entities;
  • Innovations as sustainable development aimed forest management transformation drivers.

Theory and Practice of Adaptive Forest Management

  • Ecosystem and landscape principles of forestry;
  • Close to nature forestry;
  • Increasing sustainability and adaptability of forest ecosystems;
  • Strategies for adaptive forest management;
  • Innovative solutions for forestry organization and planning (including those based on information technologies).

Schedule and Conference Program.


Conference Programe.

Accommodation: Conference participants will need to arrange, and pay for accommodation themselves.

Contributions: Abstracts are to be submitted before September 15, 2018. Abstracts will be used by the Scientific Committee to evaluate the scientific content of the proposed presentations. Acceptance decisions will be communicated by September 24, 2018. Conditions for submitting an abstract are available at the following link.

Registration: Contributing participants that have their contributions accepted by the Scientific Committee are required to register online by October 5, 2018 using the registration form provided at the following link. Other participants are expected to register by October 15, 2018. Information about registration:





Participants from Europe and North America

100 €

30 €


Participants from CIS and other countries

500 UAH

200 UAH

Participants from Ukraine

250 UAH

100 UAH

MSc and PhD Students from Ukraine



Scientific Committee.

Conference Secretary:

Oleksandra Leshchenko, Head of International Programs of ERI of Forestry and Landscape-Park Management of NULES of Ukraine

[email protected]

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