Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

International activity

The ERI VMQSAP of NAUU attaches great importance to development of international relations and collaboration with the most famous world educational organizations. Curricula and programs are modernized in accordance to leading world universities: Iowa State University (USA), Gent University (Belgium), Humboldt University (Germany). In the framework of joint European project TEMPUS-TACIS: Food quality: from soil to consumer together with Humboldt University (Gennany) and Gent University (Belgium) elaborated the curricula and syllabi for training specialists in quality and safety of agricultural products. The work on joint with Ministry of health protection and European Union project: Standardization and safety of agricultural products is proceeding, joint international scientific project with company Beaphar B.V. (Netherlands) is going on. The activity on arrangement joint scientific projects and agreements about probation of lecturers, postgraduate students and students with USA, Europe and Asia universities is conducted. It was established links between anatomy museum of TSI VMQS AICP and anthropological museum of Switzerland, museums of nature in New Zealand and USA. In the framework of join projects foreign professors (Koen Dewettinck, Roland Verhe, John Van Camp, Belgium; Evenson Dexter, Ireland) has given lectures on urgent questions of veterinary medicine and agricultural products quality and safety control. The professors of ERI VMQSAP carry out important international activity as members of international organizations: European Association of Establishments of Veterinary Education (EAEVE), World Small Animnal Veterinary Association (WSAVA), Federation of Veterinarians of Europe (FVE), International Scientific Society of Vertebrae Animal Morphologist, World Association of Veterinary Historians, Intergovernmental Commission of CIS in Veterinary Medicine and Quality and Safety of Animal Products. Student organization of ERI VMQSAP is a member of International Organization of Veterinarian Students since 2003.



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