University students take part in the VII International Scientific-practical course «Radioactivity and Nuclear Energy»

June 23, 2015

     On June 22, NULES students were welcomed in the walls of our partner – University of Wageningen (Netherlands) at the VII International Scientific-practical course «Radioactivity and Nuclear Power». Both Universities jointly hold the course. Among the participants of the course – 29 students of the host party and 30 students of our University of various specialties areas, including "Ecology, Environmental Protection", "Plant Protection", "Biotechnology", "Jurisprudence".


     During the first week lectures, workshops and group sessions for students led by highly qualified instructors are planned. Also a tour to a nuclear power plant "Dodevard", forums and trainings aimed at intercultural communication.



     Apart from mastering additional knowledge and skills, participation in such events is also a good opportunity to improve foreign language competence and self-education.

Rybalko Yuliia Volodymyrivna,
Deputy Dean of Plant Protection, Biotechnologies and Ecology


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