Happy Birthday NULES! The President Petro Poroshenko congratulated the University with its 117-th anniversary

May 29, 2015

     On May 29, NULES of Ukraine celebrated its 117-th birthday. Even a gloomy weather did not prevent from a festive event. To celebrate this occasion a numerous University staff got together, as well as the representatives of state authorities, producers, well known scientists, including many of our graduates.
     With the sounds of the march, he-Cossacks and she-Cossacks on horses carried in the national flag of Ukraine, which then was handed to the honor guard – the students of the military training chair.

     Opening the festival, Chancellor Stanislav Nikolaenko said: Starting from today, a good tradition is initiated – to celebrate the Day of the University. He recalled the important milestones in the history of our famous University. 117 years ago, by the decree of Emperor Olexandr II, a Kyiv Polytechnic Institute was created. Out of the four departments of the Kyiv Polytechnic, two of them practically took care of agricultural problems. Among the founders of our University with great pride we can name Mykola Chyrvynskyi, Camil Shyndler, Petro Sliozkin, Evhen Votchal, Volodymyr Kolkunov and others. The first examination board of the agricultural department was headed by a scientist with a worldwide reputation - Dmytro Mendeleev, who pointed out a "wonderful setting of the educational process in the institute."
     During the time that has elapsed, the University has trained more than 150 thousand agricultural specialists, cradled thousands of eminent scientists and scholars. Among them we can’t but mention the devotees of the University: Victorian Bobrov, Ivan Kasianenko, Hryhoriy Mazurkevych, Petro Zhykharev, Prokop Hirko, Mykola Vedmid, Tykhin Dolhopolov and others.

     The first appointed Chancellor of already unified Ukrainian Agricultural Academy in 1954 was a famous scientist Pavlo Dmytrovych Pshenychnyi. Important contribution into the development of the University was made by Volodymyr Peresypkin, Volodymyr Yurchyshyn, Hryhoriy Bohdanov, Anatoliy Zhadan, and Dmytro Melnychuk.

     University has always been glorified and still is, by its graduates, the Chancellor continued. Among them, there are the two heads of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine - Ivan Plyushch and Olexandr Moroz, people’s deputy of Ukraine, head of the Ukrainian Agrarian Confederation Leonid Kozachenko, deputy prime minister and agricultural Minister Yuriy Melnyk, the presidents of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences - Mykhailo Zubets and Yaroslav Hadzalo, people’s deputy of Ukraine, Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine Ivan Zaets, director of the Ukrainian Research Institute of prediction and testing of machinery, people's deputy of Ukraine Volodymyr Kravchuk, the first Minister of Forestry, First Vice Prime Minister of Independent Ukraine Valeriy Samoplavskyi, Minister of Fishery of Ukraine Mykola Shvydenko, director of Mechanization Institute Valeriy Adamchuk and others. It is also worth mentioning our successful production workers, entrepreneurs, Heroes of Ukraine - Head of KAE "Avangard-A" Olexandr Borovyk, director of the agricultural company "Mayak" Mykola Vasylchenko; chairman of the company "Yerchyky" Volodymyr Didkivskyi, head of private enterprise "Radivske" Anatoliy Pachevskyi, Director of Agricultural Complex "Pushcha Vodytsia" Oleksiy Prylipka and others. Special thanks goes to our patrons and sponsors Vitaliy Skotsyk, Hryhoriy Kaletnik, Yuriy Melnyk, Ivan Us, Yuriy Karasyk and many, many others.

     Stanislav Nikolaenko noted that in past times the University prepared thousands of specialists for Asia, Africa, Latin America and Eastern Europe. And this tradition has found its continuation today.

     Today there are 51 Master’s specialties for students available and training is held in 29 knowledge areas for Bachelors. Almost 600 people are taking the postgraduate and doctoral courses! More and more courses are taught in foreign languages.
     Today, at 13 departments of the University, in 3 Training and Scientific Institutes and 8 separate divisions over 27,000 students are gaining knowledge, more than 3,000 highly qualified instructors, 300 Doctors of science, 32 academicians, 1100 Candidates of science are working. NULES is in the top ten leading universities and heads the list of the best agricultural universities of the country.

     According to the Chancellor, this year students Oksana Rohal, Serhiy Hondaruk, Roman Kot, Olexandr Syzoniuk, Mykhailo Lukianenko, and Tetiana Harchenko have become the winners of the national all-Ukrainian competitions. Young scientists Roman Vasylyshyn, Andriy Bilous, Ivan Lakyda, Oleksiy Piddubnyi, Yulia Krasnova, Tamara Novak, and Maryna Deyneha are awarded with the prize of the President of Ukraine. All this has become possible thanks to a powerful professorial-teaching staff. Stanislav Nikolaenko also named the older generation of scientists whose names are known not only in the scientific community of the country but also far abroad as well. Among them are Valeriy Kashparov, Mykola Starodub, Dmytro Dobriak, Serhiy Zibtsev, Artur Likhanov, Volodymyr Kozyrskyi, Mykola Tsvilihovskyi, Dmytro Voitiuk, Viacheslav Loveykin, Anatoliy Mazurkevych, Semen Tanchyk, Hennadiy Holub, Anatoliy Bezpalenko, Volodymyr Busol, Ivan Kovalchuk and many others. With the sight of such fruitful creative tandem "professor-student" Stanislav Mykolaiovych remembered one of the favorite sayings of my parents “what you learn in your youth, will be a real finding in the old age.”
     In times when Ukraine is actually at war with Russia, among adamantine defenders-patriots there are our graduates - Andriy Moruhyi, Olexandr Marchuk, Ivan Stupak and others. And the student of Berezhany Agrotechnical Institute – The Hero of Ukraine Ustym Holodniuk is one of the Heavenly Hundred of Maidan. A low bow to them! The kingdom of heaven and eternal glory!
     On behalf of the entire team, the Chancellor assured: we, nevertheless, will withstand and there will be peace in Ukraine, because there is no nation, young people, students like we have, anywhere else in the world!
     Today the entire domestic economy is maintained by agricultural sector. Our common goal is to preserve all that, to make Ukraine the richest, the most powerful country in the world. And we will achieve this by quality of education, research, development of science, innovation, patriotism and inspirational work of scientists and students!
     Even Hryhoriy Skovoroda, while travelling around the world, wrote: "When you firmly go along the path you began, then you’re happy." Our scientific and teaching staff has such a path, a clear development strategy, which is called "Holosiivska Initiative - 2020". We set the task to enter the top five Universities of Ukraine, to have recognition among European countries, as well as the US and Canadian Universities. It is no coincidence that today’s University has international relationships with more than 140 educational institutions, enterprises and establishments abroad. In particular, the University of Iowa, Yale University (USA), Fukushima and Tokyo Agricultural University (Japan), the University of La Salle-Beauvais (France), the Norwegian University of Life Sciences, BOKU University (Austria), the Academy of Agricultural Sciences of Zhejiang (China), the European Association of Life Sciences Universities and many others. 59 international scientific and educational projects are already at the stage of implementation. We have agreements with 7 Universities around the world on double diplomas. International activity strengthens the quality of education and provides it with dynamics.

     In passing, Stanislav Nikolaenko again congratulated all those present, instructors, students, graduates, alumni, visitors, our sponsors, and all of Ukraine with remarkable event – the anniversary of the NULES!
     Our alma mater is dynamically developing, and it is on its march: the structures are being built, the quality of educational and scientific processes are improving, material base is strengthening. In this movement the Chancellor wished the glorious team to achieve the goals set, wished happiness, good health and all kinds of wellbeing!

     The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko congratulated the University with its anniversary. He expressed his confidence that the professionalism and dedication of the University team will help in future to open wide horizons before the youth and impart invaluable knowledge and experience to the next generation of specialists whose work will focus on the development of agricultural and environmental sectors of the national economy. After all, it is the educated people who are the main wealth of native land, the key to its development and prosperity.
     President of the National Academy of Agricultural Sciences Yaroslav Hadzalo, who is incidentally a graduate of the University as well, congratulated the team and said: today the University is the best in our country. Without exaggeration the luminaries of agricultural science work here. So no wonder the whole cohort of the NULES graduates occupied and occupies the highest public office. And this direction, Yaroslav Hadzalo underlined, is open to every today’s student.
     Director of the Department of scientific and educational support and development of entrepreneurship in rural areas of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Oleh Khomenko read a greeting telegram to the team of the Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatseniuk.

     Another graduate of the University, People's deputy of Ukraine, member of the Supervisory Board of NULES Vadym Ivchenko began his congratulations with the words of the University anthem. He also noted that the state would bring the agricultural policy back to the proper level. Today the lobbying laws are not taken, but those that support individual farmers – the real producers. In the nearest future Ukraine will be transformed from industrial into the agro-industrial country. Vadym Ivchenko emphasized a big role in these positive changes of the Agricultural Committee, for which he also read the greetings.

     Acting principal of the Vinnytsia Agricultural University Volodymyr Kurylo welcomed the gathering and presented a holiday gift certificate for 100 thousand hryvnia for recovery of the 3rd corps.
     Director of the National Scientific Center "Institute of Mechanization and Electrification of Agriculture" Valeriy Adamchuk, welcoming the staff, said: it’s a pleasure for me as a graduate to visit the Holosiivska land and feel young again. He wished the University to return the glorious name of the “Smithy of agricultural personnel”.
     Another honored guest of "Agro Holding MC Ltd." Yuriy Karasyk welcomed the University on behalf of all the Ministers of Agriculture of independent Ukraine, Heroes of Ukraine, State Prize winners and producers of agribusiness. He stressed that for 117 years the University has become the basic one in the country. So, the honor and glory to the people who work here. It is the pride of our country. Yuriy Karasyk remembered the story when, as a Minister he spoke in the Verkhovna Rada and said that Ukraine is an agrarian state. He was booed then. No one could imagine that 20 years later it is the agricultural sector that would become the foundation of the state, which will allow the country to develop and defend its borders. He also thanked for initiating a wonderful tradition - celebrating the birthday of NULES of Ukraine.



     The celebration took place as a day of rest - sports and military patriotic competitions, establishing records and gala concert of the festival "Holosiivska Vesna (Spring)", a special competition program for children. Everyone could find something interesting for himself and take part in any undertaking close to his heart.
     Instructors were a real pleasant surprise who with genuine enthusiasm got engaged in sports starts: squatted, pulled the rope, and participated in competitions on coordination. It seems the students did not expect to see their mentors in this position!

     Departments, the Training Scientific Institutes and separate units represented and promoted their achievements, treated their guests with goodies and invited to see their entertainment programs. Here they were attracting the public by everything they could. Someone brought a very nice live sheep, someone drove a retro car, and someone prepared almost a restaurant menu, someone attracted by his creativity in decorating the tent. Nobody knew where to look first and the real gem was the fact that almost everybody chose the Ukrainian symbols: the colors of the national flag were dominating in the decoration, and students and instructors were dressed in embroidered clothing.




Valentyn Obrambalskyi,
Nakonechna Olha,
Iryna Bilous

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