Researchers of biosensory laboratory expand the scope of international cooperation

March 3, 2015

     The biosensory laboratory continues taking a proactive stance in the international cooperation and research activities, as you can see from regular trainings and visits of young scientists to world leading universities. This allows getting to know the culture of other countries, to expand the circle of acquaintances and represent NULES of Ukraine to the world scientific community.
     Thanks to the fundamental work done by the team of students, postgraduates and coworkers, with professor Mykola Starodub at the head, the laboratory rapidly develops and receives prestigious international grants.

     As an example serves the Marie Curie project called «Development of Nanotechnology Based Biosensors for Agriculture BIOSENSORS-AGRICULT», under which some visits to partners Universities in Sweden, France and Latvia were held in 2013, and in the beginning of 2015 senior laboratory researcher Catherina Shavanova and graduate student Inna Burkova continued carrying out cooperate research work at the University of Linkoping (Sweden).
     Our researchers conducted series of experimental works in study of the physical and chemical properties of individual nanoparticles and development of new nanomaterials for their subsequent usage for biosensory analysis in agriculture. The main purpose is development of the effective and affordable analytical tools – biosensors, which are based on the unique properties of nanomaterials for detection of mycotoxins and some dangerous microorganisms (Salmonella, Brucella, etc.).
     From now on new trips to University of Linkoping of the biosensory laboratory representatives of NULES of Ukraine are planned to continue experimental work in the biosensory field and nanotechnology together with Professor Rozitsa Yakimova and Volodymyr Hranovsky. Due to expansion in the sphere of scientific interests and support of the foreign colleagues new projects will be planned, which always need active youth with great enthusiasm. Therefore, for the students, who are interested in getting experience in the scientific community and internship abroad, the door of the biosensory laboratory is always opened.

Catherina Shavanova,
senior researcher of the biosensory laboratory,
Victoria Kyryliyk,
department of STI


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