National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine joins to the solution of problems of agro-industrial complex of Ukraine

March 8, 2015

     Our University – is a leading research institution of higher education of an agrarian specialization and therefore we can't stand away from the problems of the agrarian and industrial complex of Ukraine. Recently the delegation with the rector Stanislav Nikolayenko at the head has taken part in the IV All-Ukrainian agricultural forum. It banded together more than 500 agriculture representatives of all areas for discussion of urgent problems in this field, prevention of agrarian sector decline and reduction of agricultural production indexes.

     Among the participants of the Forum were: the Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine Olexiy Pavlenko, the Head of the Committee on questions of Agrarian Policy and Land Resources of Ukraine Taras Kutoviy, the Vice-President of the Committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine concerning Agrarian Policy and Land Management Olexandr Bakumenko, members of the interfractional deputy "Agrarian association", People's Deputies of Ukraine, heads of specialized agrarian associations, etc. 

      It is noted in the forum resolution that after signing of the coalition agreement and formation of new structure of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine the peculiar improvements of working conditions of agricultural commodity producers took place.
     At the same time, a significant amount of questions of agro-industrial complex of Ukraine remains unresolved.
     Thus, the fiscal burden has grown and the value of a single agricultural tax has increased. Due to the sharp devaluation of the national currency the spring field works seem to be under threat.

     The way out of the crisis should be the adoption and implementation of “an umbrella program” for the Ukrainian villages, about what has mentioned the rector, head of the Association of Agricultural Universities, Stanislav Nikolaenko. Our university scientists are ready to join the development of this document.
     In the end the forum participants appealed to the President of Ukraine, Prime Minister of Ukraine and heads of parliamentary fractions to support priority bills for the field of agricultural complex.

Victoria Melnyk,
Assistant professor of the chair of technology in poultry,
pig and sheep farming



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