Scientific community considered the prospects of livestock industry

March 13, 2015

     Our university has always paid respects to its forerunners. Therefore, on March 13, the walls of our University welcomed students, postgraduates, young scientists and researchers of Livestock and Aquatic bio-resources Department and scientific community from all over Ukraine to the International Scientific Conference "Theory and Practice of feeding farm livestock." It is dedicated to 85th anniversary of the Academician, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor Hryhoriy Olexandrovych Bohdanov.

     The department dean, Vadym Kondratiuk was first to address to the participants. He noted with great pleasure, that the conference bears international status. There are really many guests from advanced scientific and research institutions and universities in this hall, both from our country, and Georgia and Belarus. And this is far from surprising. After all, scientific school of Academician Bohdanov is known outside Ukraine. In addition, the conference is also visited by manufacturers and businessmen.
     During his welcoming speech the University Rector Stanislav Nikolaenko said that the society has prospects when the holidays protect traditions. Therefore people gathered here today to honor a scientist who has established in our Alma Mater as a scholar, a skilled organizer, director and rector. Academician Bohdanov distinguished himself with a strategic vision and thinking. Due to his efforts, in the territory of the former Academy the foundation of dwelling construction was laid, and today it is one of the reasons why we talk about our forerunner. And also to consider the prospects for the future of agriculture. It should be noted that Ukraine has big problems in the livestock industry, and their resolution is placed on scientific capacities of the Academies of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine and universities. Rector expressed his hope that scientific research and conference members discussions would help in finding solutions to the problems that have accumulated in the agricultural sector.

     The cheer was also shared with the granddaughter of HryHoriy Bohdanov Halyna Olexandrivna. Paying tribute to the scientist was also accompanied by laying flowers to his grave. This honorable mission was accomplished by Ivan Chumachenko and Yevheniia Marchyshyna.
The life journey and scientific achievements (and there has been a lot on his account!) was shared by the first Vice-rector Ihor Ibatullin, vice-president of the Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine - Mykhailo Bashchenko, deputy director of scientific work of Livestock Institute of Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine, Ivan Pomitun. The whole life of the scientist is an example of selfless service in the name of science. The staff of the university scientific library arranged an exhibition of his scientific works.

     During the plenary session, speakers also examined the main aspects of livestock development in Georgia, the prospects for production, competitiveness and quality of beef in Belarus. Corresponding reports were made by vice-president of the Academy of Agricultural Sciences of Georgia, Hiorhadze A.A., deputy director of science RUP "Scientific and Practical Center of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus on farm livetock» Petrushko I.S.
     The experience of efficient livestock production, animal feed innovations were shared by the director general of the subsidiary company "Alltech-Ukraine" - Toman M.I. and director on farm livestock "Ukrainian Dairy Company" LLC, Ivanhol L.A. The Head of the scientific-research department, Volodymyr Otchenashko spoke about the problems in applying probiotics in animal feeding.

     In continuation of the plenary session, the sections also examined other issues on feeding operations and livestock production values. Despite some improvements, the introduction of modern systems and norms of feeding livestock and poultry are impossible without large-scale monitoring of indicators of feed quality, as well as close cooperation with producers of livestock products, implementation of science of feeding into production, development of feeding programs, safety feed system and control methods of animal nourishment value.

     So by the results of the conference, some recommendations have been proposed. Further research should focus on the development of modern systems of quality assessment, biological usefulness and safety of feed and feed additives. Strong attention should be paid to studying the effect of level of feeding and its high value on animals and the quality of livestock products, molecular mechanisms of digestion and practical methods of its regulation to improve the transformation of nutrients into feed products. In addition, it is necessary to obtain new knowledge on the concept of ideal protein for animals, this, by the way, gets global recognition. And also the use of modern worldwide models and approaches in evaluation of biological completeness of feed, as well as an animal products. Research should be directed to the continuous improvement of the normalized optimal nutrition of farm livestock and poultry through modern methodologies and analytical and predictive approaches. And also the study of the effect of feed with modified properties on animals and the quality of animal products, etc.
     At the end of the conference, the organizers and participants too a mutual picture.

Olha Nakonechna

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