Local in Global: Time for Change! A one-week international training course at the Krzyżowa Foundation for Mutual Understanding in Europe, Poland

September 25, 2023

    04/09/2023–10/09/2023 PhD in Agricultural Sciences, Associate Professor (Education and Research Institute of Forestry and Landscape-Park Management National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine) Anzhela Dzyba was participated training course "Local in Global: Time for Change!" in Krzyżowa, Poland.
    Anzhela Dzyba deepened her understanding of the socio-ecological challenges and improved her teaching skills in order to offer activities that make the students act in a sustainable way.
Main activities training course:
- Learning about the climate crisis, planetary boundaries and the imperial mode of living;

- train the trainer theory: KOLB cycle, creating a Persona, creating a script, writing an invitation to your own event;

- study trip to the outdoor education centre PTASIA DOLINA with educational elements in the forest and around the fire, getting to know the concept of the seedbank and seed exchange;



- practicing own presentation skills;
- experiencing and reflecting methods for all phases of a encounter;
- experiencing and reflecting methods to address different aspects of SET such as time, mindfulness, resources, cooperation;

- exploration of the regional town of Świdnica in Lower Silesia.

PhD in Agricultural Sciences, docent of
department of Landscape Arhitecture and Phytodesign
Аnzhela Dzyba




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