Cooperation with the Federation of Exchanges “France – Ukraine” Continues

December 22, 2014

     For many years the Department of Foreign Philology and Translation maintains close ties with the French Association “Friendship without Borders” (ASF) and the Federation of Exchanges “France – Ukraine” (FEFU), which organizes student training at 3 levels. The first level includes acquaintance with the life of farmers; the second level involves professional training at a management centre, an accounting department, a cooperative store, a bank, etc. The third level, or the level of master students, can result in employment at a French-Ukrainian enterprise.

     Recently, FEFU delegation visited our department. Our counterparts selected 6 students for training at farms and agricultural enterprises in France.

     The head of the delegation, Roger Wowk, said, “We are extremely pleased with this visit. The students are well trained and well motivated. We are grateful to the Head of the Department, Svitlana Amelina, and teachers of French, Svitlana Musiychuk and Natalia Rudnytska, for such quality training.”

Svitlana M. Musiychuk,
Associate Professor of the Department of Foreign Philology and Translation


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