All-Ukrainian Student Volunteer Movement Was Founded at NULES of Ukraine

December 24, 2014

     On December 24, a presentation of the patriotic movement of students – All-Ukrainian Student Volunteer Movement – took place in the Central House of Officers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The movement arose due to the initiative of the students of NULES of Ukraine. The first group of this powerful youth association already functions at the University.


     Introducing the new initiative, Head of NULES of Ukraine, Stanislav Nikolayenko, highlighted that this event stimulated a massive work of young people who want to help the Ukrainian army, the civilian population of the eastern regions, those who suffered in the ATO zone and the families of soldiers. It is important that the idea was the call of hearts of our university students. It was supported by the heads of other universities that also have active volunteer movements – Chairman of the Rector Council of Kyiv region, Head of Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture, Petro Kulikov, and Head of the National University of Physical Culture and Sports of Ukraine, Evgeniy Imas.


     All-Ukrainian Student Volunteer Movement was born at NULES of Ukraine; therefore, it was headed by the university student, Maria Mytrofanenko. She mentioned, “We have only started our work, but we have big goals.”
     By the way, the girl with fellow students returned from the ATO zone on Monday. Having spoken to the soldiers, the group determined specific needs of various divisions, in particular OUN battalion. In just a few days volunteers with the help of the students of the Faculty of Plant Protection were able to collect the necessary amount of money to buy infrared imager. It was handed to the representative of OUN battalion during the presentation of All-Ukrainian Student Volunteer Movement.


     The representative of the Volunteer Union, Vyacheslav Goranin, stressed, “Soldiers in the East are looking forward to the help from volunteers. For it seems that the state has forgotten about volunteer battalions that are supported only by well-wishers.”
     Leading universities of the country have also joined the movement. Their representatives came to Kyiv to begin systematic work to assist the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and volunteer battalions. The first convoy with collected goods has already been sent to the East. Student community is going to take care of the families of servicemen, the wounded and the families of the fallen.
     Effectiveness of the movement is ensured by clear division of the responsibilities the volunteers have. In particular, medical, technical and engineering, legal and other groups are created to provide comprehensive professional assistance. It is also planned to publish the Memorial Book of the Wounded and Fallen Students and Employees of the universities.
     Students also insist on the inclusion of the standards encouraging volunteerism into the Law of Ukraine “On Higher Education" in order to increase the amount of volunteers.

Valentyn Obrambalskyy

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