Open lectures of the fall term at the Department of Forests Restoration and Melioration

October 18, 2022

 According to the plan for conducting open lectures at the Institute for the fall semester of the 2022-2023 academic year, the two open lectures were held by candidates of agricultural sciences, associate professors Ihor Ivanyuk at the Department of Forests Restoration and Melioration and Oleksandr Kaidyk for students of Educational Level "Bachelor" specialty 205 "Forestry". Zoom and Webex platforms are used to conduct lectures in remote format.
Ihor Ivanyuk, the associate professor, held a lecture in the online mode of the topic “Forest seed production” of the discipline of “Forest plantations” on September 26, Methods of processing and storage of forest seed raw materials. The lecture was delivered for students of the 3rd year and 2nd year education of the shortened period of study. During the lecture, the main methods and equipment for processing seed raw materials of coniferous and deciduous tree and shrub species were considered.




Many students were interested in equipment manufactured by the Swedish company VSS. During the lecture, a video plot with similar equipment manufactured by Ukrainian UOSLab was demonstrated.




Issues of short-term and long-term storage of seeds of coniferous and deciduous species were also discussed. Necessary storage conditions: the temperature regime and humidity of the seed that is being stored are the main indicators that affect the sowing quality of the seed.
Associate Professor Oleksandr Yuriyovych Kaidyk held an open lecture on the discipline "Forest plantations”. Because of the missile attacks on Kyiv and the transfer of lectures to a remote format, the lecture, which was supposed to be face-to-face (in the classroom), was held remotely on the Zoom platform on October 18, 2022 for full-time students of the 3rd year of the shortened study period. The topic of the lecture: "Care of forest plantations and their transfer to forest areas covered with forest vegetation." At the lecture, 4 issues related to the agrotechnical care of established forest crops and their quality assessment measures (technical acceptance, inventory, attestation of crops) were considered until the moment of transfer of crops to forest areas covered with forest vegetation.

During the classes, the lecturer familiarized the students with the terminology, in accordance with the State standard, the timing of various events, regulatory data, provided photos and video materials related to the topic of the lecture, as well as forms of field and report materials that are used in the industry when assessing the quality of open forest crops. Together with the students, the lecturer discussed the criteria for assessing the state of cultures and the indicators by which it is evaluated.



At the end of both open lectures, the students and the present scientific and pedagogical employers highly appreciated the level of their conduct, giving high marks in the open lecture evaluation questionnaires. At the meetings of the department, the results of these lectures were discussed and certain wishes were expressed regarding the improvement of the lecturers' skills.

Associate professors of the Department
of Forest Restoration and Melioration
Ihor Ivaniuk,
Oleksander Kaidyk








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