NULES of Ukraine Celebrated the International Students' Day

November 17, 2014

     November 17th is one of the most anticipated dates in the life of every student of any generation. The festival has a sad history, originally commemorating the Nazi German storming of Czech universities in 1939 and the subsequent killing and sending of students to concentration camps.

    Student youth has always distinguished with progressive thinking, courage and civic consciousness. Not so long ago, 24 years ago, students from Lviv, Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine showed great heroism, challenging the existing system. The events that took place at the Independence Square on October 2-17 entered the history as the “Revolution on the Granite”. It is the achievement of these young people that Ukraine began to rise from the knees.

     The youth was never silent and still continues to pay an extremely high price for freedom, dignity, and European values. It gave birth to the heroic revolutionary Maidan one year ago.

     On November 17, 2014 the students of NULES of Ukraine gathered to celebrate this traditional holiday and honour the heroes of the Maidan.

     The Head of the University, Stanislav Nikolayenko, addressed the students, “Sixty million students in the world today joined the celebration. The most active youth of Ukraine and of NULES of Ukraine is among them. Despite the hurdles our country became stronger since obtaining the independence, although now it is going through difficult times. We must do everything to ensure the wellbeing of our Motherland. The students have to study, so that the agricultural sector, which currently provides the state income, would develop.”

     Special guests attended the student festival. Congratulating young people on the occasion, the Adviser to the President of Ukraine, Mykola Tomenko, recalled how in his student years his friends and he had organized meetings in the campus of Kyiv State University. The Head of the Agrarian Union of Ukraine, Gennadiy Novikov also congratulated the students on this holiday.

     Students are the future of the Ukrainian state. They will create science and art, will become great sportsmen, Nobel laureates, will grow record harvests of grain, design new mechanisms, and be inventors. And we are proud to say that the students of NULES of Ukraine are ready to influence the future! It is proved by rewarding the winners of the test for the Prize of the Vice-Rector for Academic and Educational Work determining the level of IQ among students. Among 790 students the most intelligent one was the master student of the Department of Computer Science and Economic Cybernetics, Olexander Lavrinenko. The second was the 4th-year student of the Agrobiological Department, Volodymyr Matviychuk, while the third was the 4th-year student of the Department of Economy, Nadiya Polyakova.

     The winners of the “Week of intellectual games” were also awarded during the holiday. Within three days the teams of the education and research institutes competed with each other. This year's undeniable intellectual leader of NULES of Ukraine is “Dazdragon” team from the ERI of Business. The second and third places were won by “Montenegro” (ERI of Land Resources and Law) and “Gastronom” (ERI of Plant Science, Ecology and Biotechnology) respectively.

     The University is proud of its athletes. As a result of the three-day pentathlon the best university athletes are the 3rd-year student of the Department of Plant Protection, Pavlo Nagiyev (1st place), the master student of the Department of Agricultural Management, Denys Elzyatiyev (2nd place) and the master student of the Department of Forestry, Andriy Sokolyuk (3rd place) .

     The academic rating gave the possibility to define the best students of the University. The best student of 2014 is the 3rd-year student of the Department of Power Engineering and Automation, Polina Ivanyuk, whose personal achievement is 1860 points. The second is the student of Professor Viktor Sydorenko Department of Pedagogy, Rodion Vegera, and the third is the 4th-year student of the Department of Environment and Sustainable Development, Kateryna Shyshanova.


     The winners of the competitions were congratulated by the university aerobics team and by groups and ensembles of the University. The program also included the best performances of the winners of the competition “NULES of Ukraine lights stars”. The third place of this competition was won by the Faculty of Forestry, the second - by the Faculty of Agricultural Management, the first — by the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, and the Grand Prix was won by the Faculty of Power Engineering and Automation.

Olga Nakonechna


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