The Meeting Dedicated to the 23rd Anniversary of the Independence Day of Ukraine

August 22, 2014

On August 22, the meeting dedicated to the 23rd anniversary of the Independence Day of Ukraine took place at NULES of Ukraine. The Acting Head of the University, Stanislav Nikolayenko, on the behalf of the university administration congratulated everyone on this great state holiday.


In his speech Stanislav Nikolayenko recalled the major milestones of the history of our independence. The main ones were July 16, 1990 (the first time people of Ukraine celebrated the Independence Day of Ukraine) and August 24,1991 (when the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine declared the independence of Ukraine by the second act).

The Acting Head also mentioned December of 1991 when 90% of the population, including that of the Crimea and Donetsk and Luhansk regions, supported the independence of Ukraine at the national referendum. He stressed that it is our fault that the work in these regions was not organised in a way that would meet the expectations of the people and make the percentage only higher.

The next milestone is 1996, when the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted the Constitution of Ukraine. Stanislav Nikolayenko participated in that historic meeting. And before that he worked as a member of the commission on preparation of the Constitution of Ukraine for 6 months. In particular, he developed Article 53, which stipulates access to education for every citizen of the country. The availability of education in our country is very high and NULES of Ukraine always contributes to this index. This year, the university had the largest amount of places funded by the state. Of course, this is a great trust and a great responsibility.

The Acting Head of the university once again reminded that Ukraine is a great country with huge potential. And our task is to uncover this potential. For this reason everyone should work at the best possible level. Of course, under current conditions it is not easy. We all live in new realities, realities of Russian invasion. No one came to help Ukraine, which gave up the third most powerful nuclear arsenal in the world for peace and stability. Therefore, we should work for the benefit of our state. We have great traditions and great forerunners and we should be proud of it!

The Head of the Trade Union of the Staff of NULES of Ukraine, Ivan Gavrylyuk, congratulated everyone present on the behalf of all non-governmental organisations of the university. Ivan Gavrylyuk suggested to start a new tradition: to gather every year on the eve of the Independence Day in traditional Ukrainian embroidered shirts and celebrate this holiday.

Among other pleasant moments of the meeting was awarding the employees of the university. Thus, the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine awarded Associate Professor Olexander Yamkov with the sign “Vasyl Sukhomlynskyy” for many years of hard and fruitful scientific and educational work, training of highly qualified specialists for agriculture, and contribution to the development of education and science. Professor Nataliya Ridey was awarded “For educational and scientific achievements”, the Head of the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology, Volodymyr Duhnytskyy, was granted the Certificate on Excellence in Education. Diplomas with gratitude from the Ministry were awarded to Associate Professor Nataliya Isachenko and Associate Professor Vadym Tkachuk.

The university administration also appreciated the work of the Secretary of the Admission Committee, Associate Professor, Semen Voloshyn, his Deputy Head, Associate Professor, Viktor Shevchuk, and members of the committee, Associate Professor, Alina Troyan, Associate Professor, Stanislav Garkusha, and Associate Professor, Olexander Semenovskyy.

The diploma with gratitude from NULES of Ukraine was granted to the Assistant, Svitlana Makarevych.
The leading specialist of the Human Resources Department, Larysa Gryban, Deputy Chief Accountant, Larysa Kovalyova, plasterer of the IV category of the repair and construction crew, Vasyl Vorona, the contractor of the repair and construction crew, Mykhailo Pavlenko, the Head of the Department for Maintenance and Repair of Roofs, Mykhailo Turk, were awarded with the diplomas of NULES of Ukraine for the conscientious performance of duties, significant contribution to the development of material and technical base of the university and on the occasion of the 23rd anniversary of the Independence Day of Ukraine.

In the concluding speech Stanislav Nikolayenko once again congratulated everyone on the occasion, wished health, peace, happiness and longevity. He also added that he would represent the university during public events on the Independence Day, on August 24. Stanislav Nikolayenko will lay flowers to the monument to Taras Shevchenko together with the President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko.

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