Department of Electricity Supply

Tel.: 527-85-80

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Head of the Department (в.о.):
A. Guy

Associate Professor


 The department was established in 1938. The founder and the first head of was Professor P. Roschin (1938-1941 gg.) Professor V. Synkov, associate professor A. Derkach, associate professor I. Karpov, associate professor I. Prytaka, Professor T. Reznichenko, Professor V. Kozyrskyy, Professor V. Kaplun, Professor A. Zhiltsov were head of the department in different times. From February 2011 Ph.D., Associate Professor A. Guy has become an Acting Head of the Department.
Now the department consists of 4 professors, 8 associate professors, 2 senior professors, 5 assistant professors, 3 academic-support staff, nine graduate students.
Scientific work of the Department carried out as part of the scientific school founded by Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor V. Synkov.
This work aims to study the problem of reliability of supply, quality of electric power and efficiency of power grids. The Department conducts research on the development of intelligent integrated systems of autonomous power for agriculture, developing a theory of synthesis of such systems.
Two periodic scientific production magazines - "Electrification and Automation of Agriculture" and "Electrical Engineering and Mechanics," specialized electronic scientific publication "Energy and Automation" Was created at the initiative of the Department.
18 disciplines are taught by academic staff of the department for students of Energetics and Automatics faculty. Each year the Department produces about 30 bachelors and 25 masters.
Laboratory of the department equipped with modern switching equipment, microprocessor automation electric energy metering devices leading domestic and foreign firms "Tavryda Elektryk”, "Rivne ZVA", "ABB", "Siemens", and computer lab - office equipment, where students learn mathematical treatment of the results of laboratory work, modeling of physical processes in the elements of electrical networks. Computer simulators of operating electricity networks make it possible to fulfill a variety of emergency situations on voltage substations 35/10 kV, 110/35/10 kV and in distribution points
The employees of department successfully collaborate with the scientists specialized institutes of the NAS of Ukraine - Institute of Electrodynamics, Institute for Renewable Energy, Institute of Engineering Thermophysics, etc..
Scientific developments the Department are shown at the international exhibitions "Agro", "Grain Ukraine" and others. 9 diplomas were received over the past 5 years.

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