Department of General Chemistry

Address: 17 Heroyiv Oborony str, building 2, rooms 44, 45, 47,48, Kyiv, 03041, Ukraine

Tel.: (044) 527-80-94, (044) 527-80-96

E-mail: [email protected]

Head of Department:
Antraptseva N.

Doctor of Chemistry, Professor


General information
The department of general chemistry was established at the beginning of 2000 as an independent structural unit of agrochemical and soil study faculty. Since then the head of the department has become Doctor of Chemistry, professor Nadiya Antraptseva.

The department staff:
• Associate professor, Candidate of Chemistry Iryna Ponomariova
• Associate professor, Candidate of Chemistry Olha Kochkodan
• Associate professor, Candidate of Chemistry Tetiana Philipenko
• Senior Lecturer, Candidate of Chemistry Roman Zhyla 
• Senior Lecturer, Candidate of Chemistry Nadezhda Solod
• Head of study laboratories Liudmyla Mykhailenko
• Senior lab assistant Anna Kalashnikova 
• Lab assistant Ekaterina Molchanova 

Educational activities
The department trains students of Bachelor EQL in the following directions:
• Forestry and landscape architecture
• Lumbering and wood processing
• Technology of production and processing of animal products
• Food technologies and engineering
• Water bioresources and aquaculture
• Processes, machines and equipment of agroindustrial production
• Engineering
• Automation and computer-integrated technologies
• Electrical engineering
• Transport technologies

Research and innovation activities
The department researches are carried out in general scientific project “Chemistry of mono- and polyphosphates of bivalent metals and their hard solutions”, included into the working plan of Research Board in the issue of “Inorganic chemistry” of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.
o In state-financed fundamental research projects: «The development of theoretical aspects of nature of hard-phase hydrolysis of crystalline hydrate of inorganic phosphates of bivalent metals and their application for physical-and-chemical substantiation of conditions of controllable mono-, bi- and polyphosphates synthesis” (state register number 0108U000885);
• In initiative projects:
1. Physical-and chemical substantiation of processes of forming double salts and hard solutions of compounds of bivalent methods with tetraedric anions (state register number 0103U005380).
2. Study of effects of individual and double polyphosphates of bivalent metals (Mg,Mn,Co,Zn) in soil solutions (state register number 0103U008112).
3. Development of the combined methods of metal protection from corrosion (state register number 0103U007361).
4. Study of effectiveness of using carbon sorbents for cleaning surface waters from organic substances (state register number 0104U004552).
5. Study of conditions of synthesis and chemical properties of imidazole derivatives (state register number 0106U007209).
6. Oxygenic ageing of fat-containing food products and their stabilization (state register number 0109U007109).

The department divisions
Academic divisions:
• Laboratory of general chemistry;
• Laboratory of inorganic and analytical chemistry.

Research divisions:
• Laboratory of polyphosphate chemistry.

Self-financing divisions:
• Teaching and consulting courses in Chemistry.
The department has two certified study laboratories (rooms 45, 48, building 2). The labs are equipped with standard chemical instruments and devices necessary for conducting lab classes. The laboratories are equipped with chemical ware, chemical reagents, scales, drying ovens, muffle furnaces, devices for water distillation, pH-meters and appliances for carrying out chemical experiments. The department resource base provides conducting teaching process at an appropriate level.


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