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11 березня 2022 року
Department of AM and FEA of AM faculty NULES of Ukraine

On 11 of march (the 15 day of devastating war in Ukraine) the communication platform with Italy took place.

It was the initiative organized at the University of Pavia.

The event was organized by student representatives together with the University of Pavia.

The event took place from 7pm to 9pm (Kiev Time) in Italian and English.

We talked about the situation in Kiev, what was the situation of Ukrainian universities, what Italy and Europe could do to help in this situation.

 During the event there was also: the University's Prorector of Internationalization, student representatives, some Ukrainian students enrolled at the University of Pavia and a priest from the Ukrainian Church of Pavia who was taking care of the reception of refugees and dispatch of humanitarian aid. Some journalists was also present.

Same day RAI (Italian national television) took an interest in the initiative and interviewed us in the morning. It was a very useful opportunity and our words was heard by over 100,000 people in Italy.


We stated a few milestones:

- The Russian military aggression against Ukraine is an act of war and constitutes a violation of international law, undermining European and global security and stability.


- One of the lasting, negative impacts of the devastating war on the right to education has been that children are falling behind in their studies.

The closure of many schools for weeks or months during the conflict left children with few or no alternative means of continuing their education.

Most schools provided distance learning, through Zoom, Skype, email, and other modes of communication, but despite teachers’ best efforts distance learning has been inferior to classroom education.

Children who have to take national exams to graduate in May 2022 urgently need to regain lost ground.


- The international society now expanding its existing funding measures for academics who have fled their home country by opening up the special Programmes with the aim of enabling this target group to become integrated in the International research system.


- One more possible direction of the development and support is to integrate students, researchers and teachers from Ukraine and exchange views on the current developments and challenges ahead.



Vitalii Lutsiak

Olha Kostiuk

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